Boston Celtics May Temporarily Place Rajon Rondo in D-League

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Blog Photo - Boston Celtics May Temporarily Place Rajon Rondo in D-League
Celtics head coach, Brad Stevens, recently told Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe that they may place Rajon Rondo in the D-League for a quick stint in order for Rondo to get his legs back under him. Rondo did practice with the Celtics this past Monday, but he is nowhere near game shape yet. As far as when they anticipate Rondo being back on the court, Stevens said, “I would make that a decision on him and our staff. That is something that has been discussed, probably some positives and negatives to that, but at the end of the day, it is an option as part of his rehabilitation. Physically, I think he’s looking better and better. But that’s to be expected, you’re going to gain more confidence but I don’t know when that translates to ready to play.”
Rondo has not played a game since his injury on January 25th and it typically takes a few months for players to shake off the rust even if they are healthy. The Celtics are 13-17, but it would not be inconceivable for them to make the playoffs since they are second in the Atlantic Division. If Rondo can come back a shell of what he used to be, he could give the Celtics what they need to make a wildcard push for the playoffs. But the smart thing to do would be to enter the Wiggins and Parker sweepstakes since they won’t be contenders for the championship anyway. The worst position a NBA franchise can be in is in the 8th, 9th, or 10th place standings, it is far better to tank than to be mediocre.
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