Boston Celtics: Why staying together is better

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Boston Celtics: Why staying together is better
Since the beginning of the season the Boston Celtics have been under attack of innumerable rumors. These rumors have specifically involved the three big stars of the Celtics: Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.
In spite of the bad (14-10) start of the season it may be said that it is a little too early to give up on the trio just yet. Here are some reasons as to why the Celtics should stay together and not trade off their key players just yet.
At the end of the day the team that wins is the one whose players have been loyal to the team through thick and thin. Paul Pierce has just become the no. 2 instead of Larry Bird on the Celtics scoring list. Pierce has been with the franchise for over a decade. On the other hand, Garnett and Allen were the ones who lifted the team up during its revival in 2008. The three players have given much to the team and its time the franchise paid them back and not traded them off.
Despite what many experts say the Celtics’ Big Three can play. Pierce is averaging around 18 points every game, and Keven Garnett along with Ray Allen have both been shooting over 50% from the field.
Their efficiency rating is over 16, which just goes to show thatthey still have what it takes to win games for the franchise.
Thirdly, what this team is made off are the Big Three as we call them, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Bass and Mickael Pietrus. Apart from them there is no solid player in the team. Moreover the bench lack what it takes to bring value to a game. Celtics would be best served by keeping these key players, because without them there isn’t much left to the team. The fact that the team lacks young blood is the management’s fault and not that o the Big three. After all even these three are past their prime ages to play and are on the decline.
Moreover, all the team lacks at this point is some young talent. If the management can find that while keeping the old experienced players intact the team can still go back to its glory days. If the Big Three are kicked out it shall really become very difficult managing a whole new team and furthermore take excessive time bringing it at par with the competing teams this season.
The management should focus on keeping the veteran core together while also improving the team; after all, this core is still considered one of the best among NBA. Suffice it to say that the integrity of the team should take preference here.
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