Boston Red Sox win World Series over St. Louis Cardinals

The Red Sox have done it again, and are once again World Series champions

10/31/13 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Blog Photo - Boston Red Sox win World Series over St. Louis CardinalsFor the third time in ten seasons, the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series.

This time, they weren't the juggernaut of 2007 or the comeback kids of 2004. This was an entirely different type of team.

Last year, under Bobby Valentine, the Sox finished the season an abysmal 69-93, good for last in the NL East. As this year began, no one expected much from them this year, with most experts predicting a 3rd place finish for them (or worse) in the always competitive AL East.

The Red Sox were led by World Series MVP David Ortiz, who went hitless (0 for 1) in Game 6, but drew 4 walks and scored two runs. In the Series, he hit .688 with an absolutely mind-blowing 1.948 OPS.

Shane Victorino was also a huge factor, with a bases loaded double in the 3rd inning that got the scoring started for the Red Sox.

John Lackey got the win, making it the second time in his career that he has gotten the win in a World Series clinching game. The first time was with the Angels in 2002.

You can't possibly talk enough about the amazing job that GM Ben Cherington did in the offseason. Acquisitions like Victorino, Stephen Drew, David Ross and Koji Uehara were instrumental in allowing them to complete their goal.

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for another World Series championship.
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10/31/13   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

The funny thing is it feels like Cherington isn't getting a lot of pub for the job he did. Almost all of his offseason moves worked, which basically never happens.

Although, there's something else I want to mention. I probably should've before the playoffs, but given Gomes' comments last night, I feel I should.

The World Series Champion Red Sox are a team that uses analytics heavily (Bill James is on the payroll for cripes' sakes). The NL pennant winning Cardinals use analytics heavily (along with great scouting for both teams, because it's not 2004 anymore and most know you need both).

4 other playoff teams are very analytics friendly: Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Oakland. The other four teams aren't as analytics heavy (well, I'm not sure about Detroit), but they definitely have stats departments. Every team does except for the Phillies, and they're hiring a stat guy for the first time this year.

Complain about sabermetrics all you want, but they are a part of the baseball establishment and are here to stay.

10/31/13   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

Good for the Red Sox.  They stepped up.  Who would have thought Lackey would bear down like he did last night? 

Was hoping for a 7th game as I have no love for either team.  Was just hoping for a great Series.  It's been far too long sine we've had one.  2001 I think...

10/31/13   |   genobibb007   |   19671 respect

Well I kept my mouth shut during the World Series, like I said I would.  Now that it is over, gotta give congrats to the Red Sox players, coaches and organazation on winning a world championship.  Out of the 6 games I think I watched a total of 4 innings, just don't care for either team.  But I will say this, I wonder how Bobby Valentine feels right now, because basically it's the same team he had last season that finished last. The only things that rings in my ears is the quote " We don't do things like that around here" from the We don't do things like that around here Pedroia Geezz!

10/31/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

I can say I enjoyed the game immensely.  I wish the score had been a little closer, but the score doesn't reflect the way the Cards played.  Boston just shut them down when they needed to.  I'm glad Ortiz got the mic once again, even though he kept it PG this time.  And Koji's son is a charmer.  Great night.  Congrats Red Sox, you and your city ARE Boston Strong!