Boxer suspended for taking dive in bout against Ray Edwards

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Former Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons defensive end, Ray Edwards’ venture into boxing hasn’t produced any professionally valid reporting nuggets over three bouts in the past years. While Ray Edwards boasts a 3-0 record and is confidently calling out either of the world champion Ukrainian brothers, Vitali or Wladimir Klitschko for a bout, each of his wins have seemed like easy knockouts at most. Perhaps, Ray Edwards’ recent fight against Iowa boxer Nicholas "Turbo Tax" Capes was the most outrageous win of them all as even less-experienced boxing aficionados noticed Capes dive getting knocked out on a phantom punch. However, justice has been served on the flop by Nicholas Capes after the North Dakota's Combative Sports Commissioner Al Jaeger indefinitely suspended Capes following review of the Feb.6 fight in West Fargo.
The 5 feet 9 cruiserweight Nicolas Capes seemed over matched by 6-4, heavyweight Ray Edwards the moment he entered the ring. However, both sides lacked motivation until 31 seconds into the first round when Ray Edwards threw a ferocious uppercut which missed Nicholas Capes by miles, but Capes still dived pretending to be knocked out by the breeze of Edward’s punch.
"As we move ahead, we'll take appropriate action as the investigation review unfolds," said Al Jaeger said on Wednesday.
Event promoter Cory Rapacz said that Ray Edwards’ scheduled opponent for the bout didn’t show up and Nicholas Capes was a last-minute replacement at the spot. Cory Rapacz claimed that the officials expected Nicholas Capes to give it his best shot. However, Nicholas Capes didn’t realize what he was getting into until stepping into the ring against Ray Edwards, at which point he may have felt too intimidated by the competition and decided against having his face smashed-in during a multiple round fight.
"I feel terrible for him," said Cory Rapacz. "[Capes] got scared and looked for a way out."
It should be noted that Nicholas Cape was coming off back-to-back defeat during the first round of his three previous bouts.
Many angry fans have called the ill-matched bout a set-up, where Nicholas Capes was paid off for his poor acting skills on the dive. But is most likely another case of a lower level boxer trying to cover up his cowardliness with further cowardice, diving on a pretend knockout. Cory Rapacz added that Ray Edwards was being unfairly judged on the result of last week’s bout.
Ray Edwards defended his honor on Twitter following accusations of foul play on his part in the 28-year-old’s third career win over Nicholas Capes.
“I don’t fight fixed fights. Check my first pro fight. Guys back out at weigh-ins. Nothing I could do,” wrote Ray Edwards. “Promoter said I’ll find you someone else and when I showed up to fight that’s who was there. I’ll never disrespect the sport. I train too hard for that.”
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