Boxes of steroids found at Oscar Pistorius' home

There's another twist in the Pistorius story

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Aug 4, 2012; London, United Kingdom; Oscar Pistorius (RSA) runs 45.44 in a 400m heat to advance during the London 2012 Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsAfter being accused of murdering his girlfriend, Oscar Pistorius' reputation is already in tatters. In comparison, steroid use would seem pretty minor. But this could complete an incredibly swift fall from grace for a guy who was once viewed as a hero on many levels, both in his home country of South Africa, and worldwide.

More information appears to be coming out indicating that his girlfriend's death was less of an accident than Pistorius would like you to believe.

His only chance to avoid a charge of premeditated murder might actually be something that no athlete would ever want to admit: Roid rage.

Apparently, while searching Pistorius' house, police found "boxes and boxes" of steroids in various forms.

He'll likely be drug tested as part of the investigation, and we'll see if this becomes a major part of the trial.

Pistorius claims that he was holding the steroids for a friend, which might just be the worst excuse ever.

In all reality, Pistorius' best strategy to avoid a mandatory life sentence that would come with a premeditated murder conviction might be to claim that he was in a steroid-induced rage, and wasn't thinking straight when he pulled the trigger.

Then again... at this point, what's the difference for him whether he spends 20-30 years in prison, or life in prison?

Pistorius is in a terrible spot right now, and it seems like it's entirely his fault.

Between the murder charge and the steroids, has an athlete ever fallen so far, so fast? I'm not sure I can remember anything quite like this.
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My take is the two had another domestic situation, she went to the bathroom to escape and Pistorius went into a rage and killed her.  Only after the crime did reality set in and the ramifications of his actions cause Pistorius to break down.  Could the rage be caused from steriods?  Sure and I agree, that'll probably be the defense's best bet to try and get Pistorius off.  Unfortunately, I think the only way the guy beats this rap is if the police or the prosecution screw up during the whole legal process.