Boxing: Broner vs. Maidana

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Wow, what  a fight! beginning in round 2 Maidana dominated and banged Broner, knocking him down twice once in the second and again in round 8.

Round 2
Hard left jab by Maidana immediately into the round. Hard right hand lands on Broner. Right/left and Broner is down! He is hurt badly! Broner is on his feet and dives in to clinch. Maidana is all over him. Broner is punching back but he is extremely shaken. Another hard right hand by Maidana and Broner’s knees buckle again. Broner has never been in this much trouble ever in his career. He is on his bike, trying to clear his head. Broner lands a lead left hook. Maidana is stalking his foe and pins him along the ropes again. Hard right uppercut by Maidana. The Argentinean digs ferocious hooks to the body. Hard right cross by Maidana near the bell. Huge round for Maidana.

Can Broner handle Maidana, as his punches are coming from all directions hitting from the body to the head with powerful left hooks.

Round 8
Maidana’s corner is asking him to be even busier in this round. They trade jabs to start the round. Maidana is lunging with a left and a right, but Broner cracks him with a counter left hook. Broner has gone back to forcing the issue and making Maidana back up. Maidana again digs to the body and then goes upstairs. Nice counter left hook by the Cincinnati native, but Maidana fires back. Big left hook by Maidana and Broner is down again! He’s up and hurt! Maidana rushes in but Broner clinches immediately. Maidana inexplicably slams his head into Broner’s chin, dropping the American. Broner is given time to relax and Cole takes a point from Maidana. They resume and Maidana swarms him again. Broner looks like his head is clear, but Maidana is all over him, though his assault falls short. Nice left/right by Maidana late. Broner pins Maidana along the ropes and lands several shots to the body and head.

Round 12
By all estimations, Broner needs a knockout to stay unbeaten. Robert Garcia is yelling at Maidana that he needs to go and attack, to knock him down again. Cole forces them to touch gloves. Maidana lands a hook to the body and then one to the head. Cole stops the bout and has the loose tape on Broner’s glove. They come back and Broner fires a left jab/right cross. Maidana looks shaken a little by the shot. Broner is going for the KO, but he’s not being too reckless. Maidana misses a huge left hook . Broner lands a right, but eats a left hook in exchange. Broner fires a left hook of his own. They clinch and Broner is again warned for pushing away with his forearm. Broner is very aggressive now, making Maidana back up. Straight right by Broner. Another! Maidana is hurt but he lands a big left hook! Broner’s nees buckled but he immediately answered with another right hand. Maidana backs up. They exchanges blows in the center of the ring. Maidana digs to the body and head. Broner lands a double left hook. Maidana dishes out a right hand and a left. Broner cracks him with another sizzling right hand and then caps off the war with a left hook. What a fight!

Broner needs a knockout but it never comes. Maidana has exposed Broner's weekness he keeps the right hand down getting caught by dangerous left hooks.

The Official Result
Scores read: 115-110, 116-109, 117-109 all for Maidana, who takes the title with a unanimous decision.

It looks like Marcos Maidana has solved "The Problem."
What! Broner immediately exits the ring avoiding all interviews and is being pelted by cups and other debris from the crowd.
Will he fight again or is this the last we have seen from Adrian Broner!
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