Bradley Beal expected to miss time due to wrist injury

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Although he was scorching hot at the beginning of the season, there’s no denying that Bradley Beal (wrist) has been gradually slumping this month. The news couldn’t come at a worse time for the injury riddled Washington Wizards, but coach Randy Whitman benching is Bradley Beal for an undetermined period until he completely recovers from a right wrist injury.
Since getting knocked down to the floor by Denver Nuggets center Kosta Koufos while driving ball to the baseline during a Jan.18 game, Washington Wizards rookie Bradley Beal hasn’t been the same. Although at the moment Bradley Beal didn’t realize the impact of the injury as he stayed in the game for two critical free throws to en route to a 112-108 win for the Washington Wizards, the injured wrist eventually caught up with him.
“I’m a tough kid. I feel as though it has to be broke in order for me not to play,” said Bradley Beal. “At the same time, I want a long career in this league and I have to take care of my body and I have to do what’s best for myself and my team.”
“And I feel if I can’t make shots for my team then there is no purpose for me being on the floor,” continued Bradley Beal. “I have to take time off. It’s hard to do that, but I have to live with it.”
“I’m definitely going to continue to support my team and just try to let this thing heal on its own.”
Bradley Beal has been struggling with his shooting form and accuracy as was evident in Washington Wizards’ loss to the Sacramento Kings on Monday. After being limited to just six points and taking the bench for only three minutes in the fourth quarter, it is becoming more and more certain that Bradley Beal needs a good long rest to help the healing process in his injured wrist.
Bradley Beal sat out of Tuesday’s practice with a protective brace on his injured wrist, along with a splint to restrict movement. Randy Wittman said the decision to sit Bradley Beal was all part of precautionary measures to keep the injury from getting worse.
Randy Whittman was still “anticipating” to have Bradley Beal available when the Washington Wizards face Philadelphia 76erson Wednesday, as part of their first stop in a three-game road trip. However, Randy Wittman acknowledged the “chance” that the Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal could be listed as injured Wednesday.
Bradley Beal has played all but two games in his rookie campaign due to injuries. But over the past six games since the wrist injury he’s averaging 8.8 points on 35.7 percent shooting from the field and 30 percent from beyond the arc. Meanwhile, in his first nine games this January before the wrist injury, Bradley Beal was averaging 19.2 points on 47.7 shooting from the field and 60.4 percent from beyond the 3-pointer line. If Bradley Beal is forced to miss more games this season, he is still uncertain about the return timetable, which is entirely dependent upon how fast his wrist heals.
 “I guess it’s somewhat day-to-day and see how it feels in the next few days and then let it heal. I’ve been playing a lot. Maybe that’s what it is. It’s a little injury,” said Bradley Beal. “It’s not 100 percent. If I feel as though I’m can’t help the team like I was previously, then I’m not going even going to play.”
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