Bradley Beal threatened for supporting St. Louis Cardinals

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Hearts were broken and loyalties questioned after the 2012 NBA drafts 3rd overall pick Bradley Beal gave a shout out to his home team the St. Louis Cardinals on their 9-7 rout over the Washington Nationals on Friday.
The Washington Nationals were handed their most humiliating postseason loss in recent history, after rally 6-0 following the third inning in Game 5 of the National League Division Series against the Washington Nationals. However, things turned a little lopsided into the ninth innings, despite Washington Nationals’ 7-5 lead.
The Washington Nationals lost control towards the bottom half of the innings and the St. Louis Cardinals settled the final score o 9-7 with four additional runs.
Washington Wizards rookie Bradley Beal, who is a St. Louis native, openly supported his home team before the series by donning the red St. Louis Cardinals cap to practice throughout the week. However, when Bradley Beal took to twitter to congratulate the St. Louis Rams, he received an unexpected backlash from the Washington Nationals fans, who were still sore over the loss.
Bradley Beal wrote in a celebratory shout out to the St. Louis Cardinals, “STL turnupppp!!!”
A few Washington Nationals fans were so angered that a member of the city’s basketball team would side with their rivals that they responded with threats and requests with the Washington Wizards for Bradley Beal to be traded.
19-year-old Bradley Beal later spoke about being bombarded by the unreasonably broad spectrum hate following the tweet supporting the St. Louis Cardinals.
“I was hearing threats and everything, like, ‘Watch your back,’” stated Bradley Beal. “People were like, ‘I’m not going to cheer for you.’ I was like, whatever.”
In another series of tweets, Bradley Beal tried to clarify that he’d been rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals long before Friday’s upset.
“People forget I’m from St. Louis! Lol#STL,” tweeted Bradley Beal. “It was a great comeback for my home team, am I wrong for cheering them on?”
And to even things out, Bradley Beal added that he’s also been supporting his current city’s local baseball team as well.
“Just because I cheer for my team doesn’t mean I don’t support the Nats,” wrote Bradley Beal.
“That’s what made it crazy. I guess that kind of made it worse. I wasn’t even watching the game,” Bradley Beal expressed his surprise with the intensity of the backlash, acknowledging that he skipped the ninth innings and wrote the tweet after learning the score from someone else. “Every time I stopped watching the game, they (St. Louis Cardinals) started (coming back). They did it last year, and they came back and won. That’s how it is.”
Trying to establish an understanding for their harsh response, Bradley Beal realized that the Washington Nationals fans were probably venting out their frustrations over the unexpected loss of their team.
“It was probably moreso the timing, but at the same time, it’s my city,” stated Bradley Beal. “It’s not going to affect the way I play. I got to do something to redeem myself, I guess.”
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