Brady ready to spear through Steelers as Polamalu gears up rip apart Patriots

10/27/11 in NFL   |   KurtKingsley   |   1858 respect

Everyone is eagerly waiting for this weekend’s match between Pittsburg Steelers and New England Patriots. The match is scheduled for Sunday in Pittsburg at the Heinz Field.

Head coach, Mike Tomlin has lined up Steelers’ best squad for the match. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, running back Rashard Mendenhall and wide receiver Mike Wallace will be the men Patriots (5-1) should look out for.

On the other hand, Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick can boast about an impressive offensive line too. Quarterback Tom Brady will be assisted by running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis and wide receiver Wes Weller. Steelers (5-2) will have to contain Green-Ellis and Welker if they want to win this one.

Belichick reckons Brady will be the man to watch from the Patriots squad. Brady has had a lot of success against the Steelers’ defense in his career. Overtime, the future hall of famer, Brady has evolved into an excellent predictor which gives him a unique advantage against teams that have good defense.

Belichick commented on the issue saying, “We've had our moments against them; they've had their moments against us. They're a good football team, they give everybody problems. We'll go up there and compete against them and hopefully we'll be able to give them some problems. They do a good job, they've been very successful through the years in winning championships, winning games, statistically - however you want to measure it, this is one of the top organizations and top football teams in the National Football League, year in and year out.”

Belichick also stated that Steelers strong safety, Troy Polamalu will have an important role in the match. Polamalu is no doubt an amazing defensive player. Polamalu’s mental acumen keeps increasing with the amount of experience he gains, which ultimately makes him one of the most deadly players on field.

Belichick reckons the same. Extolling Polamalu, Belichick stated, “I think that's fair. He's very dangerous. He's an impact player, very disruptive player. Defensively he fouls up a lot of things - blitzing, pass coverage, tackling, he's a hard hitter, knocks balls loose but he's around the ball a lot. He's fast. At times it looks like he might be a little out of position or maybe it's not even his play to make but he just has the speed and the anticipation to get to a point on the field where the play is. Again, whether that's actually his responsibility or not, he just can feel it coming and anticipate it and his awareness is outstanding. He has tremendous speed and burst and hitting ability. He can get there in a hurry and when he gets there he can do a lot of damage. You have to be aware of him on every snap.”

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