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Brandi Chastainís calculated response to Hope Soloís Twitter comments

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Blog Photo - Brandi Chastainís calculated response to Hope Soloís Twitter comments

While Women’s Olympics Soccer Team USA goalkeeper Hope Solo has been flinging fiery remarks in NBC analyst and former Olympian Brandi Chastain’s direction, the more mature sports analyst has been able to maintain a calm demeanor that may appear alien to the Solo.
Brandi Chastain’s analysis of a Team USA’s preliminaries match sparked the fued when she critically analyzed  Hope Solo’s teammate, defender Rachel Buehler’s performance during the first half.
"As a defender, your responsibilities are to defend … win the ball, and then keep possession,” stated Brandi Chastain, emphasizing on what needs to be done. “And that's something that Rachel Buehler actually needs to improve on in this tournament."
Hope Solo read too much into the situation and immediately jumped to defend the honor of Team USA. The –year-old Hope Solo blasted Brandi Chastain with a series of posts on her Twitter account.
"Lay off commentating about defending and gking until you get more educated @brandichastain the game has changed from a decade ago,” read one of the four posts by Hope Solo.
And the subject wasn’t dropped just yet. Former Atlanta Beat coach James Galanis openly supported Hope Solo’s take on the matter, agreeing that the older generation were in fear that the new generation of soccer players "will eclipse their legacy."
Hope Solo responded to that with a tweet, “"Some people see through it.” However, the comment was soon deleted from her account.
 The 1999 World Cup hero Brandi Chastain has been very mature about the whole issue and said that the analysis of Team USA’s performance at the Olympics was part of her job which she took very seriously. It couldn’t be helped if someone misinterpreted the whole situation.
"I'm here to do my job, which is to be an honest and objective analyst at the Olympics," said Brandi Chastain.
In fact, Brandi Chastain doesn’t appear to have anything personal against the outspoken Hope Solo. Prior to Team USA’s decisive 3-0 victory against Columbia in the preliminaries, Brandi Chastain recognized Hope Solo’s talents and discussed the importance of her role in the game. Brandi Chastain even persisted that Hope Solo’s “humongous ego” was an essential asset that helped her and the team in the long run.
“She's a big strong athlete," said Brandi Chastain, while describing Hope Solo’s on-field presence. “She's very coordinated with both feet. She can make big saves and she has a humongous ego. You have to have a goalkeeper that feels she owns the goal. She feels that she can dominate.”
Brandi Chastain further continued to state that Hope Solo’s hardcore attitude helped her at the goal post.
“She plays the villain and I think at times she likes to walk that line,” said Brandi Chastain. “You have to have that swagger to play the position.”
So far Hope Solo has heard from the USA Team coaches who despite not being supportive of Hope Solo Twitter rant have opted to exempt her from being disciplined.
After winning the preliminaries against Columbia, Team USA has moved up to the quarterfinals where they will face North Korea on Tuesday.
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