Brandon Backe goes to court against Galveston Police

Brandon Backe claims Galveston Police ended his career

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Blog Photo - Brandon Backe goes to court against Galveston PoliceIf you have followed Major League Baseball for more than a few years, you will recognize the name Brandon Backe.  If you are a Houston Astros fan, you definitely recognize his name.

Brandon was never a hall of fame pitcher, but in the early 2000's he made a name for himself, and even pitched in the World Series in 2005.

But, like many pitchers, he was plagued with injuries.  In 2008, while playing for the Houston Astros, he was healthy, after having Tommy John Surgery in 2006.  He had alternated healthy and disabled in previous years, but in 2008, he was pitching regularly in the Astros roster, with 31 starts.  His ERA was 6.05, however, and he led the league in allowed home runs.

In October of 2008, he attended a wedding at a hotel in Galveston when police were called.  When Brandon came on the scene, he says the brother of the bride was on the ground being beaten by police.  When police demanded that the observers back up, Brandon attests there was nowhere to back up.  He claims that he asked officers to calm down, and for his request was also beaten.  He was knocked down and his shoulder slammed against a curb, and this he claims, is the injury that ended his professional career.  The 30 officers who attended the wedding reportedly injured 11 of the guests.
Blog Photo - Brandon Backe goes to court against Galveston Police
Brandon is in court this week, claiming 12 to 15 millions in damages against 15 members of the Galveston police.  His claim is that the beating back in October 2008 caused enough damage to his shoulder, that he was unable to recover, and once released by the Astros in June of 2009, his career was over at 20 years of age.

The trial will continue throughout the week. 

What do you think?  Was it the beating that caused the ending of Brandon's career, or was he just past his prime?  Should he be awarded a settlement?
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