Brandon Jacobs busted for 110 MPH "Death Race"

Brandon Jacobs allegedly involved 110 MPH "Death Races", and here is some alleged video of it

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Blog Photo - Brandon Jacobs busted for 110 MPH "Death Race"Former New York Giants and now San Francisco 49ers running back Brandon Jacobs is known for his bruising running style and short yardage value. But you give that guy an illegal police escort on a public highway, and he can achieve speeds of nearly 120 miles per hour.

This is totally illegal, of course, but Jacobs is now in hot water for allegedly doing exactly that. The New Jersey Star-Ledger reported Monday morning that Jacobs is one of the drivers named in an alleged "Death Race" on the Garden State Parkway, wherein the drivers had a police escorts to race in high-performance sports cars

"The State Police are investigating complaints that two troopers escorted a caravan of luxury sports cars at speeds in excess of 100 mph down the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City last month," reports the Star-Tribune. "The occupants included former Giants running back and sports car enthusiast Brandon Jacobs."

Blog Photo - Brandon Jacobs busted for 110 MPH "Death Race"As much as people enjoy seeing this kind of action in movies, evidently they tend to complain when they see it in real life. Numerous eyewitnesses have brought the matter to the attention of the New Jersey state troopers, who are investigating the allegations.

"I had the great pleasure today of nearly being killed by, not one, but two, Lamborghinis traveling in excess of 110 mph in a escorted ‘caravan’ of approximately 30 exotic vehicles all traveling well over 100 mph," one eyewitness wrote in an email.

I cannot even visualize this situation without the theme to "Cannonball Run" going through my head.

Jacobs' agent is denying none of it, but choosing his words carefully. "Brandon was part of a group that went down to Atlantic City on March 30," Jacobs' agent told the star.

The drivers involved in the illegal road race had the bright idea to post the footage to YouTube, along with the many of the drivers' real names. This footage, which had been dated the same day as the incident, is no longer up on YouTube.

There is, however, footage of another road race incident, allegedly involving Jacobs. This footage, from July of 2011, is entitled "Ls1 firebird vs Brandon Jacobs GTR", and shows night-time street racing pitting the two above named models againt one another. There is no proof this race actually involves Jacobs, but the details are similar to this past March's incident, and Jacobs does own a 700-horsepower GT-R.

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all of you are morons, everyone, at some point in time everyone has been guilty of speeding on the road. just because its jacobs and friends, its a big deal. everyone should get a life and just stop trying to inflate the situation into something it's not. thank you kindly and have a nice day.

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I thought by "Death Race" he was running over people for points...weak..t.he Troopers are effed, he'll be fine

4/23/12   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

These Death Race guys have the calendar all mixed up. F1 doesn't come to the Jersey streets til next year.

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I would call him an idiot, but that wouldn't be fair of me to insult all of those idiots.