Brandon Jennings gets in fight with The Game

Brandon Jennings punched in the mouth by rap star The Game

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Professional athletes hanging out with hip-hop artists is not all that uncommon these days. I've seen J.R. Smith chilling with Meek Mill, Victor Cruz posing for pictures with Jay-Z, and so on. What we don't see as often, however, are professional athletes getting in fights with hip-hop artists.

Blog Photo - Brandon Jennings gets in fight with The GameDetroit Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings was hosting his 24th birthday party at Lure Nightclub in Los Angeles over the weekend. His crew was celebrating at Lure's day party "Toxic." Surely excited on his special day, Jennings was allegedly hogging up the DJ's microphone. Unfortunately for Jennings, another celebrity who frequents Lure was also in attendance that day - rap superstar The Game.

"Game feels like Toxic is his," said one witness, "and he didn't like that Jennings was hogging the microphone. He felt like he was being disrespected." Maybe the man who makes his living with a microphone is a little more entitled to use it, but hey, it's Jennings' birthday. You can let a three-time NBA player of the week who's making $4.3 million this year have a little fun on stage, right?

Another witness tells the rest of the story: "Game tried to have words with him, and it just escalated quickly and Game hit Brandon it the mouth." Uh oh. Generally speaking, a scrawny 6'1'', 169 pound kid does not want to be on the receiving end of a punch from a former Blood gang member born and raised in Compton-area foster homes. Fortunately, the fight was broken up quickly, and both celebrities' entourages were surprisingly allowed to stay. Shortly thereafter, however, the two groups started going at it again, and the party was shut down.

Jennings did not suffer any serious injuries from the punch, and the altercation will have no effect on Jennings in his first season with the Pistons - but you have to admit that this is a pretty interesting, funny story.
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