Brandon O達rien clears the air on returning to military

4/18/13 in NFL   |   IvanRogers   |   1352 respect

Earlier today, multiple reports surfaced stating Marine turned NFL hopeful Brandon O’Brien had a change of heart and is thinking of re-enlistment in the military. While Brandon O’Brien’s decision was strongly linked in an aftermath to the Boston tragedy, it appears such ideas were falsely propagated.
The 30-year-old Brandon O’Brien came forth to set the record straight, claiming there was more to his decision regarding re-enlisting in the military rather than the Boston Marathon bombings galvanizing him towards becoming an American Hero.
“Those reports are absolutely false,” said Brandon O’Brien. “First off, me deciding to go back into the military has nothing to do with the Boston bombings and, furthermore, I have not yet reenlisted in the Marines.”
Brandon O’Brien added that he decided on returning to the military around two weeks ago, while on his way home from an intensive training program with other former college players who are hoping to get a look from NFL teams at next week’s draft. Brandon O’Brien was already expected to be a long shot to get drafted in the NFL so he decided to invest his decision in the military, another passion of O’Brien’s.
“I did some soul searching and realized that I was put here to help people and not play professional football,” said Brandon O’Brien. “The military is a passion of mine and it is something I hold close to my heart and love to be a part of.”
Brandon O’Brien has no regrets regarding his jump back from aiming for the NFL to the military and instead views it as the “ultimate team game” with even higher stakes.
"If one guy doesn't do his job, bad things can happen. We're talking life and death here, not losing a game or turning the ball over,” added Brandon O’Brien. “It's really a higher scale, and having that perspective in my life and building a mental toughness with the type of training I've gone through and the training I've had, it's such an invaluable asset to have."
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