Los Angeles Lakers Current Roster Structure

Breaking Down the Lakers Current Roster

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Apr 13, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers guards Steve Blake (center) and Kobe Bryant (right) watch from the bench during the game against the Denver Nuggets at the Staples Center. The Lakers defeated the Nuggets 103-97. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIREWhen you're in the middle of the offseason, it's often hard to keep track of what your team's roster looks like. The Los Angeles Lakers have been working very hard to make their team better and fill in the gaps where they are lacking talent, like the point guard position.


While people who write about sports spend time every day keeping up on the latest trades, that's tough for a lot of people to do. This is a cheat-sheet for players the Lakers have kept or picked up and how long their contracts are with the team .


Kobe Bryant – Thankfully the Black Mamba is on the team for two more years. He'll be making a ton of money, which some say is crippling the team, but no doubt Kobe will be the most valuable player on the team.


Pau Gasol – The Spaniard will be with the Lakers for as long as Kobe, two more years, and he'll be getting $19 million each year. This will be good for the Lakers. While he lacks aggressiveness at times, Gasol has some fairly consistent numbers.


Andrew Bynum – Thanks to the Lakers picking up their team option on Bynum, he will be with the Lakers for another year at $16.4 million. Bynum has made it very clear that he will not sign an extension with the Lakers. This may be because he wants to test free agency, or he just wants a longer contract than they can give right now. Either way, the fact that he'll be playing for a new contract is to the Lakers' benefit.


Steve Nash – Nash has the longest contract on the Lakers, and will be on the team for three years. This will likely be the vet's last contract, and he's playing for a championship, so you can expect him to play hard every season, as he's done for his whole career.


Metta World Peace – There was a ton of talk about amnestying World Peace during the offseason, but that deadline has passed and he's still a Laker (thankfully). MWP is easily the best defender on the Lakers, and if they can bring Dwight Howard along for the ride then they'll be ever more stacked defensively. World Peace will be a Laker this year, and has a $7.7 million player option next season.


Steve Blake – This is one of the most frustrating contracts on their payroll. Steve Blake will get $4 million/year for the next two years. He is not fit to start, can provide a solid backup to Steve Nash, but is still not good enough to compete with the young guards in the league.


Josh McRoberts – If there is one guy on the team who feels like he won the jackpot, it's McRoberts. He'll be a Laker for this season at just over $3 million. He played much better than Murphy did, and if one of them had to stick around, better McRoberts than Murphy.


Christian Eyenga – Who? The guy they got in the trade from Cleveland last season. Eyenga is young, but still lacks skill and experience. He'll have a potential three year contract. This season Eyenga will make just over $1 million, next year he has a $2 million team option, which likely won't be picked up if he remains in the D League. However, if it is, he'll have a potential third year $3 million qualifying offer.


Devin Ebanks – This guard is back for one more season at $1.4 million. He really has a chance to shine this season which could garner him a bigger, longer contract next year, but he'll need to focus and put in extra hours in practice.


Darius Morris – Morris quickly snapped up his contract, just under $1 million, and can work his way into the regular rotation. The summer league will be huge for him, and he really needs to work hard to improve. If he does well this year, he could be the quick, young talent the Lakers need.


Andrew Goudelock – While Goudelock didn't get a ton of playing time last season, he played well enough for the Lakers to pick up the $762,000 team option on him. He showed a ton of potential last year and this could be a big season for him.


Antawn Jamison – NBA vet Jamison has signed a one-year contract with the Lakers for the veteran's minimum. This is a huge paycut for him, but it shows that he really wants to win a championship, which is great for the Lakers.  

Jordan Hill - Hill just locked up a two year deal with the Lakers. This is a win-win for everyone involved. Hill has raw athletic talent and height, which you can't teach. Hill also proved to be a very viable backup in the playoffs. 

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adidoz wrote:
You missed Jordan hill

Thanks for reading. At the time I wrote this, it wasn't official and specifics hadn't been released. He's been added now.

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You missed Jordan hill