Breaking NEWS: Aaron Hernandez Indicted!

INDICTED! Aaron Hernandez indicted on First Degree Murder and Weapons charges

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Blog Photo - Breaking NEWS:  Aaron Hernandez Indicted!Fox Sports has just posted that Aaron Hernandez has now been indicted on First Degree Murder and Weapons Charges.

While Hernandez was charged in June, and remains in custody, his defence team has said the evidence is circumstantial at best, and they are confident they will be able to clear his name.  The indictment means the prosecution disagrees.  

Twenty-seven year old semi-professional, Odin Lloyd, lost his life in June, and evidence pointed almost immediately to the former New England Patriots star.  Lloyd was associated with Hernandez through his girlfriend, and was annoyed with Lloyd for some comments he had made.  Lloyd sent his sister text messages before his death, indicating that he had gotten into a vehicle with Hernandez, by identifying him as "NFL - just so you know", and wanted her to be aware.  It almost seemed as if he was predicting his own death, and pointing a finger at the murderer.

After Hernandez was arrested, more information has come out about his character and his involvement in past crimes.  While that does not make him any more guilty, it certainly points to his character.

He is scheduled to appear in court this afternoon, but no news other than the indictment has yet been released.

He could face life in prison if convicted.
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Oh yeah, right.  Will you be just as shocked at "Guilty!!"?  cheeky

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