Breaking down Netsí next preliminary coaching prospects

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsIn wake of the Avery Johnson firing, the Brooklyn Nets coaching seat is empty again, but it could be a while after the team takes a plunge in the coaching market. According to reports, the Brooklyn Nets will not be seriously assessing coaching prospects until the after the first of the year.
However, no matter who takes up the coaching job, he’ll certainly be feeling the pressure after goal-driven Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov fired Avery Johnson, showing little patience towards his 14-14 run with the team this season. And that coaching hopeful better get accustomed to the roster as it is because the Brooklyn Nets are in a tight salary cap situation over the next few years. That means Brook Lopez as well as Joe Gerald are here to stay, and there be no shopping for Gerald Wallace either. The new coach will also have to watch his back from Deron Williams while dragging the Brooklyn Nets out of a downwards spiral in terms of shooting.
So, who’s up for the task?
Expect the Brooklyn Nets to hire an experienced big name in the market to help in the revival of the team. A coach enabling this roster to play better defense while setting an unique offensive system according to their capabilities.
Here are just a few of the names popping up for the coaching gig:
Phil Jackson: Let’s just get this one out of the way quickly. While Mikhail Prokhorov may be willing to burn a hole in his pocket, Phil Jackson’s agent stated the legendary coach just isn’t interest for the Brooklyn Nets’ job.
Admittedly, Phil Jackson took it pretty broken hearted when he was snubbed just a day before the Los Angeles Lakers signed announced Mike D’Antoni as their new coach earlier this season. He won’t be suddenly jumping into the market unless it’s for a playoffs contender – and the Brooklyn Nets just aren’t good enough. With the Los Angeles Lakers, Phil Jackson had confidence in veteran Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol who were familiar with his triangle offensive system.
So this isn’t going to happen for a former Knicks.
Stan Van Gundy: This should be the first guy the Brooklyn Nets look at but it may lead to no fruition. According to Orlando Sentinel, Stan Van Gundy may not share the interest.
But the Brooklyn Nets should take a swing anyways. His system in Orlando could fit well with the Brooklyn Nets (even if they lost in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes). You have a good offensive center in the middle with Brook Lopez, a pick-and-roll point guard who can penetrate in Deron Williams, and offensive threat from the arc like Avery Johnson, as well as other shooting options.
Moreover, given recent drama Brooklyn Nets need a coach who has a firm control of his locker room.
Nate McWilliams:  Another good choice for the Brooklyn Nets. Nate McWilliams will certainly get respect from the players, especially Deron Williams, with whom he has connections as a Team USA assistant coach from past Olympics. Nate McWilliams’ slowed but steady offense and grind-it-out style may not be a crowd pleaser, but it has pulled up a lot of wins.
Larry Brown: He’s an old friend of the Brooklyn Nets general manager Billy King, who’d certainly jump at the coaching opportunity, but it’s still a longshot.
Mike Brown: Again an unlikely scenario. Mike Brown’s still getting his share from the Los Angeles Lakers, while taking in the wonders of life so he’s sitting good there.
Jerry Sloan: This could be worth a couple of laughs given Jerry Sloan’s past relationship with Deron Williams in Utah, but the point guards’ pining for past offensive success.
Expect Jerry Sloan to wipeout that selfish, self-centered bug out of Deron Williams. Jerry Sloan likely won’t be thrilled to put up with the New York media, but that’s what make it all the more entertaining.
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The only one on the list I would go for is Nate "McWilliams" McMillan, he did all right in Portland and Seattle. I hope the Nets have someone else in mind, they made need to go in a different direction.