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Blog Photo - BreathlessAbout 12:30am local time, I think my breathing returned to normal.  There was no time, until about 12 seconds to go in the Warriors/Clippers game that anyone watching could feel like the Clips had control.  I guess it doesn't matter what happens till the clock runs all the way out, but sheesh!  What great game to finish off "The Night of Game 7's".  It also cinched a winning week and month for me for April, and that's a very good thing. 

Actually, it was probably the decision to move on Iwakuma and the M's yesterday that really tied the whole thing together.  I don't know what happened in that game.  When I left for Mass, the game was going to the 6th and the M's were down 2-0 and not looking all that interested in scoring.  Imagine my surprise when I got back about 90 minutes later, and the M's are ahead in a 9-8 game with one out in the bottom of the 9th.  Baseball is a marvelous game!

So, that was my day.  Total "grippage", but it all worked out for a winning day, and for the week, I finished with a 6-3 (3-0 in the NBA and 3-3 with baseball).  It was a long 5-week month and a scuffle for most of it, but in the end, things worked out just fine.  Finishing April with a 34-26 (1-3 with college hoops, 14-14 with baseball and 19-9 in the NBA) expands The Empire, and that's all I'm after.  Granted, it's not a big chunk like I would like, but it's a chunk all the same.  And with that, let's officially open up the proceedings for May.

THE SHOW  (3-2 yesterday, 12-15 for the week and 53-43 for the month)

BUTTA  (1-1 yesterday, 3-3 for the week and 14-14 for the month)
MARLINS (FERNANDEZ -165) over Dodgers (Fife) - You probably knew this was coming.  I'm not really sure why this price is as low as it is though.  The Fish just aren't getting the juice for what they've been doing at home so far this season, and I'm just fine with it.  But you know the drill by now:  Ace pitcher taking the bump at home in the rubber game of a series.  I won't say that the Fish are the better team, but they've sure played like they are at home so far this season.  For the numbers, Fernandez has only faced the Dodgers twice and is 2-0 against them, but he's also 16-3 at home over the last 2 seasons.  Meanwhile, the Dodgers dip into their system to pull out Steven Fife for a spot start to help out with a weary staff.  There's just no way I can pass on this one.

1.  Nationals (Gonzalez -125) over PHILLIES (HAMELS) - At least part of the equation Is there for this one:  The better team with their ace taking the bump in the rubber game of a series, but the Nats are on the road, and Hamels is 15-6 lifetime against Washington.  Pass.
2.  Mets (Gee +115) over ROCKIES (CHACIN) - I'm not going to waver on my opinions about Dillon Gee.  I think he's an ace in the making, and all the numbers seem to back that up.  He's 26-16 on the road (15-8 when the team is off a loss) and 13-5 as a road dog in his career.  The Rox are lethal at home so far this season though.  Still, the Mets are in danger of the dreaded 4-game sweep, and that's one of the toughest things to pull off.
3.  ASTROS (McHUGH -115) over Mariners (Maurer) - This kid, McHugh, has set the world on fire, but it's only 2 starts so far.  We know the M's aren't really anything special, and their starter today is even less so.  I'd shade the 'Stros today If I had to.
4.  Rangers (Darvish -115) over ANGELS (SKAGGS) - Tyler Skaggs has been really good for the Halos so far, but Darvish is 6-1 lifetime against them.  I think the Rangers are the better team with the better pen, but I'm not willing to risk anything to find out.

RUN LINES  (4-11 ATS/8-7 SU & TOTALS yesterday, 38-47/47-35/45-40 for the week and 135-124/128-122/143-116 for the month)
Rays Cardinals
YANKEES (-1 1/2, U9) CUBS (+1 1/2, U7)
White Sox Nationals
INDIANS (-1 1/2, U8 1/2) PHILLES (+1 1/2, U7)
A's Brewers
RED SOX (+1 1/2, O8 1/2) REDS (-1 1/2, U7 1/2)
Tigers (-1 1/2, O8) Dodgers
ROYALS MARLINS (-1 1/2, O7 1/2)
Orioles (+1 1/2, O8 1/2) Giants (+1 1/2, U7)
Mariners (+1 1/2, O8 1/2) Mets
ASTROS ROCKIES (-1 1/2, O10 1/2)
Rangers D-Backs (+1 1/2, U7)
ANGELS (+1 1/2, O7 1/2) PADRES
  Jays (+1 1/2, O8)

BROOMOLOGY  (4-4 ATS & SU last week and 33-24 ATS & SU for the month)

Road Dogs  (2-2 ATS & 1-3 SU last week and 20-5 & 17-8 for the month)
White Sox (+1 1/2) at INDIANS
Jays (+1 1/2) at PIRATES
Mets (+1 1/2) at ROCKIES

Road Favorites  (no situations last week and 2-4 ATS & SU for the month)
Athletics (-1 1/2) over RED SOX
Cardinals (-1 1/2) over CUBS

Home Dog  (1-1 ATS & SU last week and 5-5 & 3-7 for the month)
ROYALS (+1 1/2) vs. Tigers

Home Favorites  (1-1 ATS & 2-0 SU last week and 6-10 & 11-5 for the month)
BRAVES (-1 1/2) over Giants
PADRES (-1 1/2) over D-Backs

THE NBA  (2-1 ATS, SU & TOTALS last night, 13-9/11-9/11-11 for the week and 104-84/106-71/97-91 for the month)

 BUTTA  (1-0 last night, 3-0 for the week and 19-9 for the month)
Sorry, folks, but I've got nothing with either of these games today.
Nets 102 Mavs (+6 1/2, U197 1/2) 100
RAPTORS (-2 1/2, O189) 111 SPURS   96

---I still think the Dinos are the better team in their series, but they haven't been in a situation like this before.  Pierce, Garnett and Joe Johnson have.  That could be enough for the Nets.
---The Spurs are the better team in their series too, but they've had a real tussle with the Mavs.  This series shouldn't have gotten to this point, but a couple of buzzer beaters is what has the Mavs here.  That's why I'm fairly sure the Spurs advance.  The real problem is that while I it wouldn't surprise me if the wheels come off for the Mavs, and the Spurs run them out of the gym, it likewise wouldn't be a huge shock to me now if the Mavs found a way to squeak another one out.

Have a grand and glorious Sunday, everyone!  I will talk to you all again tomorrow.
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