Brendan Rodgers unperturbed by Rafael Benitezís desire to return to Liverpool

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Blog Photo - Brendan Rodgers unperturbed by Rafael Benitezís desire to return to Liverpool
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers claims he is able to understand Rafael Benitez’s desire to become the Anfield boss once again. Brendan Rodgers insists he isn’t fazed by Rafael Benitez recent comments, which suggest that the Spaniard is the best man for the job.
The Spanish newspaper Marca quoted Rafael Benitez suggesting that he was “almost certainly” going to return to Liverpool at some point in the future. Rafael Benitez has already admitted he has no desire to continue as manager of Chelsea at the end of the season, which means the 52-year-old gaffer will be out of work once again.
Rafael Benitez, who was manager of Liverpool from 2004 to 2010, departed from the Merseyside after a falling out with former Liverpool owner Tom Hicks and George Gillett. Rafael Benitez claims the owners were the reason behind Liverpool’s failures, whilst the owners claims Rafael Benitez’s constant demands for transfer funds and poor performance in the League were the reason behind his exit.
In spite of moving away from Liverpool and joining Inter Milan six months later, Rafael Benitez’s family decided to stay in Wirral. Rafael Benitez’s contract with Chelsea finishes at the end of the season, which means the Spaniard could return to the Merseyside this summer.
Brendan Rodgers, who replaced Kenny Dalglish at Anfield as a long-term manager, views Rafael Benitez’s comments as an indication of just how valuable and prestigious the Liverpool job is in the market.
Brendan Rodgers claims had Liverpool’s new owners (the Fenway Sports Group) desired to re-introduce Rafael Benitez as manager of the club, they would have done so after Kenny Dalglish’s exit.
“Rafa had a successful time here. I think he'll join a list of many managers throughout the world who would love to manage a great club such as this one, especially as he's been here before,” Brendan Rodgers said.
“That opportunity was there in the summer if the owners had wanted to go down that route. Rafa was unemployed at the time, so there was an opportunity to do that. But they thought it best to go in a different direction and grow the club in a different way.
“And from that, the board, myself, the players, the club, we've all become one. We're looking to build the club and go forward to have success in the future.
“It's understandable that any manager would want to manage such a great club as this one. It is a truly world-class football club.”
As Brendan Rodgers prepares to meet his former club Reading on Saturday, the Merseyside boss insists he unbothered by Rafael Benitez’s comments.
“It's not a hindrance. Not to me. Before I came here, I'd seen comments about Rafa wanting to be the manager here, and I've seen comments while I've been here,” Brendan Rodgers said.
“It doesn't affect me in my work, in my job, in my relationship with the players, which is very strong. We work very closely together in improving our football. We're very stable in terms of our board, and we've got some of the best fans in the world.
“It's not a hindrance for me, It's a pleasure for me to be here. It's a truly remarkable club that many managers would want to manage, not just Rafael Benitez.”
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