Brett Favre Says He Plans To Retire, Will Not Come Back In 2009
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Let The Games Begin. If We Promise To Miss You, Brett, Do You Promise You'll Stay Away?

2/11/09 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

We've seen this before. In fact, it seems like we've seen it for the past 4-5 years. Brett Favre has announced that it's time for him to finally walk away from the game he loves, and call it a career.

It happened last year. After the season, he made the wise decision to retire, only to string the media, his team and his fans along for months in a seemingly endless cat and mouse game, which eventually resulted in him being traded to the New York Jets.

Hopefully this year it's for real. Hopefully after he makes his announcement, we won't have to hear about him again for another 5 years, when he goes into Canton.

Brett's final season was hardly a success. While some point to the Jets' improvement and give Favre the credit, that would be a great disservice to his teammates, many of whom also played a huge role. Not to mention the fact that Chad Pennington's performance in Miami certainly proved that he was more than capable, if given the chance.

Favre finished the year with 22 touchdown passes and 22 interceptions, a rather fitting way to end his career. His legacy will go down as one of the most prolific passers in the history of the game. His TD record is considered by some to be unattainable, but the same could be said of his INT record. With his last season, he made it just a little harder for both marks to be bested.

He finished 2008 ranked 21st in the league with a passer rating 81, behind such luminaries as David Garrard, Seneca Wallace, Shaun Hill and of course Pennington, the man he replaced.

In true Favre style, he notified his good friends Chris Mortensen and Ed Werder, two of ESPN's primary NFL reporters, of his retirement via email. Apparently, since ESPN has defended him throughout his immature retirement/unretirement phase last year, he decided to throw them a bone and send them personal emails detailing his thoughts on retirement and praising his teammates, even the ones who (rightfully) threw him under the bus after the season.

We can only hope that this is the first step towards a REAL retirement, and Brett's upcoming press conference is the last that we see of him. It's clear to everyone that his days as a quality NFL QB are over. This retirement comes as a shock to no one, and it would be yet another monumental mistake (and screwing over his team again) if he were to return.

Good luck on your next endeavors, whatever they may be. We hope to see you in a few years for your Hall of Fame induction, and we hope you can patch things up with the Packers at some point, and repair the bridges you burned on the way out. Good luck, and goodbye. Hopefully, for good this time.
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2/13/09   |   Beaneaters   |   17855 respect

Dear Brett,

You should have stayed retired with your original team.  Playing past your time with another team would just embarrass you and taint your career.

Signed, Michael Jordan

I agree with you, he had one heck of a season to retire on in 2007. He really stunk it up last year, and that will be what folks remember him by. I hope he has it figured out by now, and truly walks away from the game this time.

2/12/09   |   UtahCHARGER

Brett, A carrer in football is like a roll of toilet paper... the closer you get to the end you get, the faster it runs out!!!

2/12/09   |   UtahCHARGER

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2/11/09   |   Variant   |   1 respect

please... its more like the other 3 teams in the AFC East are letting out a big sigh of relief today... they don't have to try to figure out  how to stop Old Man Favre next season...

what short term memory people have with this NFL season just in closing a few weeks ago... scroll back to week 12 and Favre had the Jets a top of the division at 8-3.. while the Pats and Bills were fighting for 2nd place at 6-5 and Pennington's Dolphins at 5-6...

now what made the Jets slide? picks galore by Favre? blame it on injury's? where did the defense go after week 12? who knows... I'm sure there is conclusions in the stats if you did deep enough and others will have their opinions and views...

and if your sick of the polls and reports, turn off ESPN or change the channel ( you can see the media pumping up the hype on many issues, they made Michael Phelps look like an dam infomercial )

for me Brett has entertained me enough over the years that ill give him the pass to do whatever the hell he wants to...

its been an honor to see a player like him continuing his carrier in the NFL with whatever team just for the love of the game and not for the money... while the rest of sports is plagued with so many other issues...

2/11/09   |   streetballer123   |   4059 respect

Why don't you tell this to Tracy McGrady?

2/11/09   |   UtahCHARGER

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Come on Folks... Like most of us didn't see this train wreck comming in last years off-season>

2/11/09   |   RHCPfan

Hopefully he's smart enough to really walk away this time.

i know seiriously

2/11/09   |   gau13   |   217 respect

MarkW49ers wrote:

Any polls going yet on who he plays for next year?...

See ya in Canton old man

Favre is going to play for the bucs haha

2/11/09   |   primo   |   1 respect

right on schedule

2/11/09   |   BestofChicago   |   51 respect

 I know I am not the only one to wake up this morning, hear this news, and laugh.

2/11/09   |   nyrangers   |   192 respect

Favre bores me with his shenanigans. I thought we were past this, Brett.

2/11/09   |   fremontguy26   |   24 respect

I'll believe it when the season starts and hes out fishing

2/11/09   |   taylordanley   |   6 respect

If he feels like he can play, let him.. who cares. but if he's going to "give up" again he doesn't deserve to be on the feild anymore. i love brett farve, he's one of my idols. but don't go out as the guy who gave up on his whole team cause he couldn't hack it anymore

2/11/09   |   seanrrpsnm   |   11 respect

 Brett had a great career, but im way past ready to see him go...and i really dont think i could stomach another press conference either, if you do REALLY decide to go brett..please do it quietly,courteously and FOR GOOD!!!!

2/11/09   |   MarkW49ers   |   2 respect

Any polls going yet on who he plays for next year?...

See ya in Canton old man

2/11/09   |   JKB37   |   2409 respect

It won't matter in 4 months when he dicides to come back..