Brett Favre declines offer from St. Louis Rams

Favre declines Rams' offer, says he's done for good

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Losing a starting quarterback is always a devastating blow for an NFL team (unless it is one of the rare cases when an injury gives someone like Tom Brady, Kurt Warner, or Colin Kaepernick a chance to play, of course). What makes the blow even more devastating is when that quarterback is a recent first overall pick who you planned to build your team around. The icing on the cake is when you don't have a viable backup to step in for your injured starter.

That is the exact situation that the St. Louis Rams find themselves in heading into Week 8. Quarterback Sam Bradford - the first overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft - suffered a torn ACL in Week 7 and has been placed on injured reserve, ending his season. The only other quarterback on the Rams' roster at the time of the injury was Kellen Clemens, and the team has since signed Brady Quinn - a perennial disappointment behind center - and Austin Davis as backups. Davis is currently listed on the Rams' official website as the No. 2 quarterback.

The blow is big for the Rams, who lose a quarterback who looked to be blossoming in his fourth professional season. Bradford was posting the best individual numbers of his career, summarized by a career-high 90.9 passer rating. His passer rating was below 80.0 in only one of his seven games this season. Meanwhile, Clemens has a 62.2 passer rating across eight NFL seasons (31 games, 12 starts). Qiunn has a career passer rating of 64.4, while Davis has never thrown a pass in the NFL.

Blog Photo - Brett Favre declines offer from St. Louis RamsObviously, this quarterback situation is very far from ideal, as the Rams sit with a record of 3-4 in a very tough division. It's a situation that may call for desperation, which is exactly what the Rams displayed on Thursday morning.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Rams offered 44-year-old retired quarterback Brett Favre a contract, which Favre declined. Favre last played in 2010, leading the Vikings to a disappointing 5-8 record while posting a career-low (excluding his rookie year, in which he threw four passes) passer rating of 69.9. However, Favre was sensational the prior season, lighting up defenses on his way to a 12-4 record while posting a career-high 107.2 passer rating.

Does Favre still have something to offer an NFL football team? Having not seen him play since 2010, it's obviously tough to say, but it's reasonable to believe that he could possibly be a better option than what the Rams currently have behind center. The Rams don't have a quarterback on their roster with a career passer rating that is as high as Favre's career-low. Favre's age has surely diminished his ability on the field, but keep in mind that this is one of the most durable athletes we have ever seen - Favre's 323 consecutive games played streak has only been bested by punter Jeff Feagles.

Unfortunately, we won't get an opportunity to see if Favre could come back and hold on to a starting quarterback job. Favre declined the Rams' offer, and says that there is "no way" that he will ever play in the NFL again. He went as far as to say that he even told his agent not to relay contract offers to him. "It's flattering, but there's no way I'm gonna do that," Favre said of the offers he has received.

Favre looks like he is done for good - no more "maybe, maybe not" drama. There are plenty of people who believe that this iron man quarterback could still go out there and sling the rock around the field, but it doesn't appear that we'll be able to find out if he can. Favre is done, and the Rams probably are as well.
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