Brett Favre will return to football as high school assistant coach at Grove State

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Like most NFL players, Brett Favre has found it hard to live without football.  Hence, in an odd move to maintain his ties with the sport the former Minnesota Vikings player has reportedly take up an assistant coaching job at Oak Grove High School.
Brett Favre’s agent Bus Cook confirmed the news associating the 48-year-old NFL retiree with his local Hattiesburg, Mississippi high school. However, Bus Cook assured that Brett Favre’s job at Oak Grove will require him "to help out in some capacity” at the high school, “but I'm not sure exactly what his role will be."
"He is taking a job out there," said Bus Cook."He is going out there, and it will give him something to do."
Local newspapers have been brewing the news that Matt Favre may be headed for the position of offensive coordinator at Oak Grove under the Warriors head coach Nevil Barr. Although nothing has been declared “official” on the moment, still Nevil Barr confirmed to maintaining contact with Brett Favre on the issue, and coincidently, the team is rushing to fill a vacancy on the coaching staff during the offseason.
"Brett is on vacation in Colorado, and we will talk on Monday,” said Nevil Barr. “We will talk on Monday to see how involved he wants to be. We lost our offensive coordinator a few weeks ago.”
Brett Favre has a strong past with Oak Grove, constantly returning to the school’s facilities on many of his workouts for a comeback from retirement during 2008 to join the New York Jets and once in 2010 to jump back on the NFL wagon with the Minnesota Vikings.
The three-time MVP has seen a 20-year career at NFL, playing a majority of the time for the Green Bay Packers and then moving on to the Atlanta Falcons. Brett Favre made league history as the all-time leader earning 71,838 passing yards along with 508 touchdowns. Although Brett Favre had a Super Bowl berth with the Green Bay Packers in 1996, the two parties are no longer in the loop.
The 42-year-old Brett Favre has also previously functioned in an unofficial role with Oak Grove and his repeatedly mentioned in his conversation an interest in working with kids.
“It will be good for the kids,” said Nevil Barr noting the benefits the NFL players will reap from Brett Favre’s talents and experience. “He is still very enthusiastic on the field."
Oak Grove has frequently performed at the 6A level in Mississippi, emerging as the one of the most powerful forces in high school football at state level.
After retiring in 2010, Brett Favre has rarely surfaced on the football front, and has even refrained from giving interviews. However, Brett Favre has been a familiar face at the Southern Mississippi, occasionally appearing at his former college’s football and baseball games. Brett Favre had a one-time gig last year, performing the duties of a TV analyst, during a match that also included the Southern Mississippi.
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