Brett Favre-Less Training Camp Daily Notes: Kyle Orton Gets 1st Start, Chance To Throw Interception

Uninspiring Quarterback Competitions Begin In Earnest Thursday

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Photo of the Day
That little girl to the far right bottom is clearly an Eric Mangini spy.

Saddle Up Kyle Orton has been named the Bears preseason starter Thursday night against Kansas City. While Lovie Smith continues to say nothing interesting or suggest who's in the lead, it's clear the Bears would prefer Orton take the job and run with it. Rex Grossman will start in preseason week 2 against Seattle. Who knows, maybe this was all decided by a coin flip.

Ravens also flip a coin
Kyle Boller got the nod for Baltimore, presumably a measure to show Joe Flacco everything not to do. I expect Boller to start the first three, four weeks of the season before inevitably moving aside for the rookie from Delaware.

Bengals now have at least one talented linebacker USC LB Keith Rivers finally got into Bengals camp, and must learn quickly, because the defense is going to rely heavily on him right away. I wouldn't be surprised to see Rivers lead all rookies in tackles, which may be more of indictment to the overall defense, since he'll be victim to several lengthy drives.

Steven Jackson holdout = Larry Johnson The Rams All-Pro running back must've learned a thing or two from LJ's holdout last fall. It's the classic Our offesive line is weak, I may get injured so pay me now holdout. Unfortunate, because the Rams need every Jackson carry they can get and it's clear his agent is using this leverage a little too much. Although, given his salary this season is just $1.7 million, I don't blame the Jackson camp. Pretty soon he's going to owe the Rams that much.

Patriots find another draft gem I'll keep this short: Jared Mayo will be defensive rookie of the year.
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The problem with Steven Jackson is right now, he's getting bad advice from his agent....which happens to be his 3rd since he came into the NFL.  The Rams want to negotiate a long term deal with Jackson but have told him that they wont do so til he reports to camp.  Jackson and his rep have said that they wont report til he has the contract.  The two sides havent talked since late July when the Rams sent an intial proposal to Jackson and his agent.  The deal isnt that far apart when it comes to money, it's just ironing out the final details on what's guaranteed and what incentives there could be down the line. 

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Score one for Captain NECKBEARD!