Brett Favre’s movie “Last Day at Lambeau” brings Packers to tears

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Blog Photo - Brett Favre’s movie “Last Day at Lambeau” brings Packers to tears
Fan or not, Brett Favre is most definitely in top five of the list for Green Bay Packers all-time best players. Fans would quite easily rate Favre as the best player in the history of football, even critics would have a difficult time taking away the No. 1 spot from him on Packers’ List of Legends.
Like it or not, Favre will remain associated with the Packers camp for a long long time. Recently, the 42-year-old’s insinuation with his former club increased to the point which started to irritate Packers’ officials.
Favre’s habit of intervening in club matters is something that he hasn’t gotten rid off, although it’s been almost five years since he left Lambeau Field.
As if Favre’s daily commotion wasn’t enough, Wisconsin Film Festival featured a film about Favre this weekend. The films name is “Last Day at Lambeau” and it’s been directed by Michael Neelsen.
The movie brings Favre and his golden days back to life on the big screen. The movie uses interviews and film clips from the past to put together the era from 2007 to 2010. The movie builds up to the point where Favre played his last game at Lambeau Field under the jersey of the Minnesota Vikings.
After reading numerous reviews for the “Last Day at Lambeau” I’ve realized that I want to see this movie more than ever now. Perhaps it will satisfy my need for a happy ending.
Favre knows in real life his happy ending with Packers is still a long way ahead. The question for many out there is whether Favre will have the guts to make it up with the franchise and fans. It might be years, perhaps decades before it happens but it should happen.
The wounds are still sore now and taunts about Favre’s betrayal still sting, nonetheless time tends to heal all wounds. The love mutual love for Packers and the relationship between fans and Favre will bring the club and its legendary player together once again.
Hence there will be a time when Favre will be welcomed back by the franchise and its fans; and his retired jersey number will be hanged proudly on the wall.
And finally Favre will enter Pro Football Hall of Fame as a Green Bay Packer.
However before all of that actually happens, fans will have to take solace in Neelsen’s movie and believe such a day exists in the future.
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