Brian Banks eventually hopes to become NFL starter

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Brian Banks had a tough road, overcoming several unwarranted obstacles to finally achieve his dream of an NFL career back by signing with the Atlanta Falcons last week. After completing the first stage of his dreams Brian Banks has got another one on his list – to eventually work his way up to a starting job.
Considering the general confidence multiple professionals across the league have expressed in Brian Banks, which may eventually become a realistic possibility.
Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff maintained that the team didn’t sign Brian Banks as an act of charity or to gain publicity. Even though Brian Banks lost 10-years of his career while facing false criminal chargers, the Atlanta Falcons still believe there is a spark in him.
Brian Banks is too aware that he is a longshot in to make the Atlanta Falcons’ final roster, but it only motivates him to put in that much more effort to achieve his NFL dreams.
"I'm well aware of what people think about this,” said Brian Banks in an interview on Tuesday. “That's not something I can control. All I know is I have been given a chance.”
“As coach (Mike) Smith and Mr. Dimitroff told me, 'We didn't bring you here for nothing. There's no reason for us to bring you in, unless we think you have a chance to help us.'”
Although Brian Banks is entering the NFL with zero experience at the age of 27, the linebacker believes he’s still “young” to quickly catch on with the system.
"But when people say I really don't have a chance, it fuels me,” said Brian Banks. “I do have to cover some ground (though).”
Since being exonerated of the rape and kidnap chargers, Brian Banks had tryouts with five different NFL teams without being given a contract. He also worked out with Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga and other NFL players to get back in shape after a considerable gap in football.
"When you've been through 10 years of hell, and you get a chance to fulfill your dream, you're not going to take that lightly," Banks said. "After working out with these guys this offseason, I believe in myself as a player even more. I truly believe I will make a 53-man roster. I believe I will play. And I believe eventually I will start."
At this point, even if Brian Banks earns just a single regular season start for an NFL team, it will be an amazing comeback for a guy who overcame life’s most trying adversities. A lot of NFL fans will be rooting for this guy in 2013.
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