Brian Waters returns to Arrowhead to play against Chiefs

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When Brian Waters faces off against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, he does not want attention to be drawn to him. Waters was with the Chiefs for 11 years and a Pro Bowl guard six times. He set the standard for fast paced rushes for the Chiefs.
Since being waived off in 2011, this will be his first game at the Arrowhead Stadium. Waters has played against his former team in 2011 at Gillette Stadium when he was playing for the New England Patriots.
Even though Kansas City Chiefs concluded their previous season 2-14, Waters observed how they ripped apart Jacksonville Jaguars and predicted that the Sunday match could be a classic. "Obviously, I have a great amount of affection and love for Arrowhead and the Chiefs fans," he said. He added that he did not want to make the match a homecoming as the Cowboys would be doing their best to win the match. Waters also acknowledged that the Chiefs were not to be taken lightly.
Even so, time will tell if Waters will come to the field. He was not called into play during the Cowboys' 36-31 win over the Giants the previous Sunday and is still working on achieving his 315 pound mark for his 6-foot-3 frame. He was signed by the Cowboys when he had been out of NFL action for an entire year.
When he signed in 2011 and got to the Pro Bowl with Patriots, he was measured at 320 pounds. Then he spent the entire year of 2012 away after declining to return, although he exercised at the gym regularly to stay in shape.
Old habits die hard, and football never died in him but only got harder to stay away from. "I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and not regret not coming back if I still felt like it," he commented. During his time-off, he gave some old injuries time heal and then announced to come back when the time was right. With a 30 minute drive from home, Dallas provided the best opportunity.
Kansas City Branden Albert (tackle), an old friend of Waters, said that Waters wouldn’t play unless he knew he had something to offer. His other teammates confirmed his unselfish attitude. Waters said that he lent his experience and time to the Dallas linemen so they could learn from him.
"They've definitely asked me some questions about different things and I've tried my best to give it to them as simple as possible," Waters remarked. He added that the team was trying its best to win the game and any advice he could offer to help would help them all win.
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