Brian Westbrook says Donovan McNabb was the Pippen to his Jordan

Brian Westbrook: "Jordan had Pippen, I had Donovan McNabb" Wait, what?

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Blog Photo - Brian Westbrook says Donovan McNabb was the Pippen to his JordanThe Eagles are retiring Donovan McNabb's number 5 jersey, and he signed a 1-day contract today to officially retire with the team with whom he spent a vast majority of his NFL career.

Of course various former Eagles came out to celebrate their former teammate, saying nice things about his nice career and paying homage to one of the greatest quarterbacks in Eagles history (for whatever that's worth).

One of the more interesting quotes came from former Eagles RB Brian Westbrook, who compared his relationship with McNabb to that of 6-time NBA champions Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

"Jordan had Pippen, I had Donovan McNabb," Westbrook said.

Wait, what?

For starters, the QB is usually the "Jordan" of the team, if anything. Second, the Westbrook-McNabb duo, no matter how you rank them, is missing one of the most important things: Championships.

The Eagles went to 4 straight NFC Championship games, winning only one of them, but lost the Super Bowl in their only appearance. For those of you doing the math at home, that adds up to exactly zero championships. That's 6 less than Jordan and Pippen managed to win with the Bulls.

Perhaps McNabb was the Jim Kelly to Westbrook's Thurman Thomas. But even that would be a stretch. Nice try, Brian.
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