British Open History Jean Van de Velde Collapse at Carnoustie

Was Jean Van de Velde's Collapse at Carnoustie 10 Years Ago the Biggest Meltdown in Sports History?

7/15/09 in Golf   |   Brinson   |   respect

Michael Jackson once asked us, "Do you remember the time?" Well, do you? Because what I'm talking about is 1999 at the British Open, when it was played at Carnoustie. Even if you weren't alive (but are somehow reading a sports blog) or even interested in golf (or hell, sports) at the time, there's a pretty good chance you've seen the following video. 

Jean Van de Velde stepped to the 18th tee at Carnoustie needing just a double freaking bogey to win the British Open. In other words, he had SIX STROKES to finish a hole he'd played three times, at minimum, already that week. And he still managed to need seven, with the final one being a somewhat "heroic" putt that got him way too excited. It's simply an incredible video and if you care about seeing awkward suffering that doesn't harm anyone who's not French, then I highly recommend it. (Via the inimitable Ryan Wilson at FanHouse)

I also highly recommend someone trying to find a bigger sports meltdown in the history of the world.

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