British finally win first gold medal at British Olympics
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On Day Five, the British finally win a gold medal at the British Olympics

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Blog Photo - British finally win first gold medal at British OlympicsRemember the Beijing 2008 Olympics, where host nation China won the gold medal count amid controversies over fraudulent listed ages of gymnasts? Britain is certainly not having that problem this year. In the first four days and 30 minutes of the London 2012 Olympics, Britain had won no gold medals whatsoever.

Everything is dog's bollocks today for the British, though, as Team Great Britain has finally won its first gold medal. Two, actually -- as the two lasses at left, Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, took the gold in the Women's Pair Rowing competition.

Heather Stanning and Helen Glover are also the first British women to ever win a gold medal in women's rowing. Want to see their big win? The video is free online at, and you don't need to verify that you have a cable subscription to see the video.

Because of the type of boat used, the women's pairs rowing competition is called coxless pairs. Keep your jokes to yourself, people.

Blog Photo - British finally win first gold medal at British OlympicsYou can tell by checking out on the guns on those two that these ladies are harder than you. Ms. Stanning, at left, is also in the Britain's Royal Artillery Army. There she's known as Captain Heather Stanning of the Royal Artillery 32nd Regiment.

The UK Guardian immediately contacted her commanding officer for comment. "Soldiers from 32nd Regiment Royal Artillery were thrilled to watch the race from their bases in Afghanistan," Lieutenant Craig Palmer told the Guardian. "I am sure that they have been inspired by her performance and we look forward to welcoming her back to the regiment later this year. I know that she is keen to deploy with her soldiers to Helmand in 2013."

Helmand means Afghanistan, an Afghani region still considered to be a stronghold of the Taliban. Ms. Stanning is likely to be deployed there when she returns from the temporary leave she took to train for the Olympics.
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Watched the replay of this win today and it was awesome! How wonderful for these young ladies and for Great Britain.