Broncos' D.J. Williams allegedly used fake urine on drug tests

You're in trouble -- D.J. Williams busted using synthetic pee for a drug test

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Blog Photo - Broncos' D.J. Williams allegedly used fake urine on drug testsWe all knew the Denver Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams is something of an occasional scofflaw, but his latest troubles show that he's no wiz when it comes to beating a random drug test. According to a Denver Post report, Williams has on at least one occasion submitted urine samples that the NFL toxicologists concluded were "not human urine".

Per the allegations, Williams has twice submitted urine that was not from a human being, and on a third occasion allegedly tried to dupe investigators with the old "urine bottle switcheroo" trick.

Williams' past is more checkered than a Pizza Hut tablecloth. He is currently suspended for the first six games of the 2012 NFL season over a previous failed drug test. He's had two DUIs in his eight-year NFL career. Williams was also involved in a cash and gifts scandal when he played college ball for the Miami Hurricanes.

Blog Photo - Broncos' D.J. Williams allegedly used fake urine on drug testsBut the latest bit of drug test chicanery is surely the most entertaining of Williams' alleged misdeeds. According to John Ingold's report in the Denver Post, Williams is accused of manipulating his drug tests on three occasions. On the third occasion, Williams cleverly kicked the urine bottle into a part of the Broncos' training facility that was off limits to the NFL representatives, then had a trainer return with a different bottle. On the first two occasions, Williams allegedly submitted synthetic human urine.

Yes, you can buy synthetic human urine on the internet. But try explaining that credit card charge to your wife.

This all matters because Williams is attempting to appeal his drug-related suspension, and the matter is currently in the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. And you thought the Barry Bonds trial was a waste of tax dollars!

For his part, Williams and his attorneys are attempting to blame the NFL for mishandling the samples. They claim that the NFL has given inaccurate information on the shipment of the urine samples -- the exact same strategy that worked for Ryan Braun in February. 
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7/20/12   |   cduncan   |   4 respect

Probably won't be seeing much of D.J. this season... and that's gonna hurt. Com' On Man!

7/18/12   |   Wards_Page   |   248 respect

Both of these photos are indicative of how he pees. That's what's tainting the samples. Taking a leak onto field turf or through nylon track pants while sashaying past a bus will always return a false positive.