Broncos QB Peyton Manning going strong, retirement a long time away

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsDenver Broncos starting quarterback Peyton Manning has been having a career setting season in which he has smashed his early records and is still going strong. Broncos former quarterback John Elway who is now the executive vice president retired 15 years ago and know the lifespan of a quarterback in NFL. In his veteran opinion Manning’ time of retirement is far away. Already a legend with the performance, talent and work ethic he practices every game with, Manning will most certainly continue to head the Broncos on field in the future.
Elway took quite a beating in his NFL career as a quarterback. In his time he was sacked for a total of 516 times. Manning has been sacked for 272 time, meaning Elway sustained 244 more sacks than him. Clearly, his body is scarred and broken in comparison to Manning, who is still sturdy and up and running.
Elway said that Manning was still young and healthy and had good playing years ahead of him. With the way he was leading as a quarterback Elway said he would be a major contributor in the future. Even after he had a spinal fusion which severely affected the strength of his throwing arm and people speculated his retirement, Manning came back stronger than ever and has shown he has not dimmed one bit.
"I still think he's young and he's playing well," Elway said. "That's going to come down to Peyton. It's going to come down to what he wants to do."
Manning is currently 37, which is quite an advanced age for any player in NFL, let alone a quarterback. He has given no signs of calling it quits anytime now and with the excelling performance he gives every game which show little effect of aging except improvement, Manning will definitely continue for some more good seasons.
Elway mentioned that he and Manning would talk about what the future had in store for him after the season ended.
"When you leave this game, you want to leave it on your last leg and try not to leave anything on the table,” said Elway. “I was just fortunate to be able to be on two great football teams and be able to win world championships when my 'last leg' broke.”
Elway mentioned the reason for retirement, saying he had begun his body to start breaking down and it was no more fun when injuries took so long to heal and he had to sit out just to get injured quickly again.
"I missed four games my last year. So, could I have gotten through another year? Sure, I could have. But would it have been at the level I want?” he questioned. “Was I enjoying the game as much as I had enjoyed it? No, because it took me so long to heal,” Elway said. “It was kind of the beginning of the body breaking down. So the combination of both — and being able to run off into the sunset — made it easier for me.”
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