Broncos coach John Fox hopes he will be back on the sidelines by the end of season

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWhen Denver Broncos head coach John Fox was medically cleared after a successful aortic valve replacement surgery, he went back to where it all started. While he was playing golf at his home town at Charlotte he fell down unexpectedly after his blood circulation to the brain stopped and was rushed in for emergency surgery, something he was trying to postpone until the season had ended.
He went back to the very hole where he fell unconscious during the Broncos bye week. In a conference call Fox told everyone about his current situation.
"You're getting ready to go down. I don't know if you've ever passed out before, but you feel it overcoming you,” Fox said. “Basically you get tunnel vision and you try to fight it off. I hit two shots, a chip shot and a putt that I can truly tell you I don't remember every little part of it.”
“Then I had to sit on the ground and actually lay on the ground. I never really passed out, but you're fighting passing out. And I hit two golf shots in the middle of it."
After that he was rushed in at a Charlotte hospital and told that he could not delay the aortic valve replacement surgery any longer. He had been diagnosed with the cardiac disorder in 1997. He underwent the surgery on November 4 and was discharged on Friday. He returned to his home to get his strength back. He stated his intentions to come back to Denver when he has fully recovered and predicted that he would be at the sidelines before the season had ended.
"Oh yeah, I don't think there's any question — there's always a question — but my goal and dream is to be out there before the conclusion of this season," Fox said.
Fox was curious if genetics had a play in his disorder or if it was caused by stressing out.
"Sure there's a lot of pressure and stress involved in coaching. But I think a lot of people out there in Denver and around the country and around the globe have pressure-packed jobs,” Fox said. “Our military comes to mind that I don't think coaching compares to.”
He was watching the Broncos vs Chargers match from his home and had something to say about it too.
"I've got to admit there were parts of it I had to quit watching," Fox said. "It got a little tense. That wasn't the best thing for me."
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