Broncos interim coach Jack Del Rio calls John Fox and jokes about stressing him out

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsDenver Broncos interim head coach Jack Del Rio found it necessary to remember John Fox and apologize to him for letting the San Diego Chargers come to eight points to steal the show from them. After all, Fox is in precarious condition with cardiac related issues and needs to take it light. Rio might be remembering him more in the coming time and wonder how the man did all the things as a coach.
The interim coach won the game against Chargers 28-20 but they were 28-6 in the third quarter. Rio phoned Fox after they had won and talked with him. Fox for now is on time out, resting in Charlotte after undergoing an aortic valve replacement surgery. Rio is filling in for him.
"I told him we were trying to make that a little easier finish for him,” Rio said. “And sorry we couldn't extend the lead and make him feel where he could rest comfortably at home. Of course he got a good laugh out of that."
On Friday fox was discharged from a North Carolina hospital four days later. The problem started when he felt dizzy and fell unconscious while playing gold to relax during the Broncos bye week. He had been putting off the surgery to avoid leaving the team but the doctors recommended an immediate surgery as the problem had aggravated to serious extent. His plans were to get the surgery done after the season was over.
Fox spoke with some of his players, including quarterback Peyton Manning, on Saturday before traveling to San Diego. Manning said Sunday evening that he joked with Fox not to yell at Manning too much through the television.
Fox wasn’t out of touch with his team and talked with a few of the players. He talked with the team’s starting quarterback Peyton Manning and Manning advised him not to scream at the Manning he saw on the television. When asked, Manning had the obvious answer why not to.
"That's not good for his blood pressure," he said.
The Broncos even dedicated a game ball to Fox and Manning said it would have been nice to give the man the ball himself.
"I would have loved to present it to him in person," he said.
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