Broncos put 11 players on the chopping block

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsOn Saturday the Denver Broncos reduced their roster to 75 players in a seemingly predictable fashion based on who was injured and who was not.
While the Broncos are currently in a rush to meet the Tuesday’s first round cut deadline to get their roster within the 75 players limit, the team has yet to face the most difficult decisions. The Roster trimmings will continue until the Broncos reach the final roster limit of 53-players, by 4 p.m. MT Saturday.
With the Broncos set to play the Baltimore Ravens for the season opener on Sep. 5, the team could expected to be in  hurry to lockup their final roster and get all 53-members of the team together on the field for practice. The chances are high for the finals roster cuts to be announced following the preseason finale versus Arizona. However, the finals roster cuts might even come as early as Friday since the Broncos have the weekend to train against Baltimore for the opening game.
The Broncos’ roster currently stands at 77 after the cuts on Sunday. J. D. Walton is included but is placed on the PUP list. He underwent an ankle surgery before the training camp began and is estimated to return to full form between October or November.
When the roster is being slashed to the 53 player mark, the Broncos will only be able to add one player from the injured reserve. The choice is between Walton and Stewart Bradley (linebacker) who underwent wrist injury. Chris Kuper is still unable to play and is recovering from the ankle surgery. Although cleared for practice, he was not spotted in gear against the Rams on Saturday night.
The cuts made on Sunday included Greg Orton (wide receiver), who was competing for the fifth receiver spot. Tavarres King, a rookie, exhibited greater performance and adaptability to play in and out of the slot. Andre Caldwell also delivered a better performance that made Orton’s chances slim. Bronco’s coaches have Lamaar Thomas, an undrafted rookie in their radar who has great potential to fit on the practice squad. Orton’s injury added to his woes but the Broncos will agree on a settlement in the next couple of days. 
Joel Dreseen (tight end) is recovering from knee surgery and might make it for the opening game. Jacob Tamme came back to the field after recovering sufficiently from thigh injury. In his absence, Deangelo Peterson was signed in his absence and was cut after he hit the field.
Wide receiver Quincy McDuffie showed some talent but hamstring injuries have discredited his field endurance and left his evaluation incomplete and was waived. Other cuts include Ryan Katz (quarterback), Kemonte' Bateman (wide receiver), Lanston Tanyi (defensive end), Uona Kaveinga (linebacker), Quentin Saulsberry (guard/center ), Manase Foketi (tackle ) and Mario Butler (cornerback ).
Saulsberry was suspended last season for breaching the terms on PEDS along with a DUI arrest. Suspended for four games, he has served three and still has to miss one more to end suspension.
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