Brooklyn Netsí Country guy Gerald Wallace afraid of New York City

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Covering extreme phobia’s this week, we have a new NBA player making the list after Gerald Wallace revealed he isn’t particularly thrilled with the Brooklyn Nets’ new home city, following the move from New Jersey.
The busy city streets just don’t suit Gerald Wallace’s old country ways, especially when he’s got a sunlit back porch calling out his name.
Gerald Wallace blatantly stated he’s fearful of New York City.It’s ironic that the Brooklyn Nets small forward nicknamed “Crash” for his on-court fearlessness towards recovering every loose ball and even facing the league’s elite forwards LeBron James, Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony in the process, should fear the New York City.
“I’m afraid of New York City,” said 6-foot-7 Gerald Wallace.
In fact, the Alabama native is so frightened of New York City that he can’t reside anywhere near the new Barclays Center, choosing to establish his quarters at Fort Lee instead. And any travel plans to Brooklyn require a personal chaperone to drive him to and from Fort Lee.
“I have a driver,” stated Gerald Wallace. “If I’m going to the city, that’s pretty much how I’m getting in.”
The 30-year-old Gerald Wallace is so old-school country that to build the calm familiar close-to-nature atmosphere,he’s got a 2 1⁄2-acre lake build in the backyard in his Alabama home. Gerald Wallace will lounge in the backyard, with a fishing pole in hand, catching imported variety of catfish and bass. He won’t eat seafood either, fishing is solely for sport.
“It’s just something that’s relaxing,” said Gerald Wallace.“It’s something that’s enjoyable.”
The simple guy has only a paddle boat at the lake, choosing to steer clear-off other flashy activities like wave runner or water sports.
The Brooklyn Nets second-year guard MarShon Brooks (New Jersey native), tried to integrate Gerald Wallace to the New York City by bringing a piece of country to him by promising to take him fishing. However, it’s impossible to find a location in the league with a personal lake.
And despite the highly publicized urban nature of the team following hip-hop artist Jay-Z and RussianMikhali Prokhorov’s ownership, the Brooklyn Netsare country at heart. Avery Johnson is from Louisiana, Joe Johnson from Arkansas, while Gerald Wallace is from Childersburg, Alabama.
“He’s got that intimidating-father look,” said MarShon Brooks of Gerald Wallace. “When everybody’s playing, G. Wallace is always about his business.”
The 2010 All-Star, Gerald Wallace, who re-signed to a four year contract worth $40 million with the Brooklyn Nets this offseason, has a job defending the toughest spot against some of strongest teams in the NBA.Despite always scrambling on the defense, Gerald Wallace still averaged a career 13.5 points per game.
“In Gerald Wallace’s case, it’s not an easy job,” Avery Johnson added to Gerald Wallace’s many silent qualities. “Just go through the list. I don’t want to have to name all 29 starting small forwards.”
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