Brooklyn Nets and Orlando Magic in midst of complex Dwight Howard trade

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It’s a monster of a trade-and sign deal with several familiar pieces and many more less reliable proposed assets. But the 10-players and three (potentially four) team  trade is the sort of desperate deal teams who have furbished two-year long dreams and others who intend to unload a dissatisfied All-Star may be driven to give a thought to.
In short, here’s where the three-team sign-and-trade deal is headed to:
The Brooklyn Nets will deal Brook Lopez, Sheldon Williams and Damion James to the Orlando Magic in return for Dwight Howard, Earl Clark and Jason Richards in the sign-and-trade.
The Orlando Magic will also receive three future first-round drafts picks. The Cleveland Cavaliers will proceed in the sign-and-trade by dealing Luke Walton to the Orlando Magic for which they will get Quentin Richardson.
The Brooklyn Nets will also offer Kris Humphries, Sundiata Gaines, a first-round pick and $3 million cash consolidation to the Cleveland Cavaliers to the in the sign-and-trade deal.
Furthermore, the Brooklyn Nets are looking for a fourth team to take on MarShon Brooks in return for a first-round pick which will go to the Orlando Magic.
The Orlando Magic clearly indicated their intention of going for an absolute rebuilding of the team by choosing not to match the New Orleans Hornet’s $36 million off sheet offer on a four-year contract.
For long, Dwight Howard has reiterated the Brooklyn Nets as his next season destination and Orlando Magic, who are trying to clear-up the distractions and drama, are finally giving in to his every whim. Hence, the Orlando Magic and Brooklyn Nets re-engaged in there long-going series of negotiations on Sunday, further casting into shadows the previous likely contender for Dwight Howard, namely the Los Angeles Lakers.
The Orlando Magic had previously considered Los Angeles Lakers’ Andrew Bynum at the heart of a Dwight Howard trade, but the center is unwilling to sign a long term deal with the franchise. The Orlando Magic don’t want to waste their efforts in a sign and trade to bring-in a player who will be a free agent after a season or two. Furthermore, according to league policy the Los Angeles Lakers have no luck in trading their first-round picks in two consecutive years after utilizing that option in the Steve Nash deal.
Thus, the Orlando Magic have revised that plan and are going for Brook Lopez as the key feature in the Dwight Howard trade. Brook Lope is demanding a maximum extension deal of five-years from the Brooklyn Nets, with the worth of $78.6 million. The Brooklyn Nets are going more along the line of a five-year deal if Brook Lopez stays with the franchise, or signing him on a four-year deal if he is to be traded to the Orlando Magic for which he may receive $58.4 million.
Further noticeable complications in the sign-and-trade deal include the contract situation of free agent Kris Humphries, who is going to the Cleveland Cavaliers in one-year guaranteed deal but is likely to demand a four-year contract. Besides, the Brooklyn Nets lack the cap space to support a Dwight Howard deal and the Orlando Magic are also dumping Hedo Turkoglu’s contract on their heads. The Brooklyn Nets don’t hold a variety of potential assets following two spent years in clearing the books, and the situation is even worse after the Deron Williams trade with Utah Jazz.
It will be a surprise if the sign-and-trade deal pulls through owing to the number of pieces and teams involved in the process. However, don’t expect this to fade away as the Brooklyn Nets and Orlando Magic are determined to derive a solution for dealing Dwight Howard in a sign-and-trade.
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