Brother To Brother

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Well, how about that, sports fans? We have the perfect scenario in the Super Bowl for all these pantywaists on the 4-letter network, as well as all the other unintelligent rabble that reports our sports news to us, to fawn over for 2 weeks now. Brother vs. brother, Ray-Ray retiring, etc. Does anyone else think this is going to be a sickening couple of weeks until they finally get around to playing the big game?



As you would probably guess, I've got a ton more to say about all this, but the schedule prevents me from really cutting loose. It's probably just as well. I put a little extra salt on my eggs this morning, so my blood pressure doen't need any more of a boost. Let's get to work.



THE NBA (2-2 yesterday)



SU WINNERS (2-2 yesterday)




The Rockets/BOBCATS matchup is coming out in a tie for me, and that should tell you all you need to know about how bad things are going for the Rocks right now.



TOTALS (1-3 yesterday)

OVERS - Rockets/BOBCATS (206 1/2) and Wolves/HAWKS (185 1/2)

UNDERS - Pacers/GRIZZLIES (172 1/2), Kings/HORNETS (191), Nets/KNICKS (194), Clippers/WARRIORS (199), Spurs/76ERS (194 1/2), Lakers/BULLS (194 1/2) and Wizards/BLAZERS (193)



BUTTA (0-1 yesterday)

PARLAY: HAWKS (-400) over Wolves and Spurs (-260) over 76ERS - The payout here comes back at (-137). Regardless of what my numbers tell me, I'm not about to lay (-7 1/2) on the Hawks, but at home against a team that doesn't have any players, they should be okay to win. For the Spurs, we can figure that this should be a win for them, but it won't be easy. The Sixers will get in your face with some defense, but they are incredibly offensively challenged. That's yet another by-product of letting 3 key pieces of your puzzle go all in the same offseason. HAWKS 105, Wolves 86 and Spurs 98, 76ERS 94




1. Pacers (+6) at GRIZZLIES - There's a reason they call in "The Grindhouse" in Memphis. The Griz don't really dominate their opposition. They tend to wear them down and outlast them, but the Pacers can grind with the best of them too. GRIZZLIES 82, Pacers 78

2. HORNETS (-6) over Kings - I don't care how bad the Kings are on the road. I'm just not in a spot where I can confidently lay anything on the Stingers, let alone a 2-possession spread. HORNETS 96, Kings 86

3. Rockets (-6 1/2) over BOBCATS - This should be a spot for the Rockets to halt their tailspin, but I don't want anything to do with them at this price. Rockets 104, BOBCATS 104

4. Nets (+3 1/2) at KNICKS - The Nets are playing real good ball right now, and I think they've got a chance here. I will say this about the Knicks though: I was very impressed with the way they played defense over in London against the Pistons. Very active hands, and it seemed as though they were challenging everything. Nets 98, KNICKS 94

5. WARRIORS (+3 1/2) vs. Clippers - Even after getting surprised by the Magic earlier in the week, the Clips still seemed lackadaisical against the Wiz. That's not going to work against the Warriors, who are 4-1 SU & ATS against the Clips in games played at Oracle over the last 3 years. Clippers 92, WARRIORS 89

6. BULLS (-1 1/2) over Lakers - The Lakers are a mess right now. Tonight's game will be their 41st of the season. That's the halfway point of the season, and if everything holds true to form with this team, they'll be 7 games under .500 as they make the turn into their 2nd half. The Bulls aren't the lock at home that they have been in the past, but this team seems to have found some chemistry without their superstar. I still can't move on them, though. Not if Lu Deng isn't going to be in the lineup. BULLS 98, Lakers 92

7. Wizards (+5 1/2) at BLAZERS - I think we might be getting to that point in time where we can't sleep on the Wiz. This team has gotten a whole lot more dynamic since John Wall came back, and he's given his team a real boost coming off the bench. That's where the Blazers struggle. Their bench scoring is the worst in the league. This would be a real good time for the Blazers to pay attention and not think they can "phone it in". BLAZERS 88, Wizards 84



There we go! Just under the wire. Have a great MLK Day, be careful out there and I'll see you tomorrow.

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