Browns QB returns stronger than ever from injury

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsCleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden had some time to think during the time he was sidelined due to right thumb injury.
His substitute, Brian Hoyer helped the team win over the Minnesota Vikings and Cincinnati Bengals consecutively. But Weeden returned to the game to score a touchdown and got successful in 13 of 24 attempts for 197 yards.
Weeden talked about his time thinking on the sideline, saying it made him stronger.
“You dig deep, try to find yourself and you do a lot of soul-searching. That’s part of adversity. Facing adversity makes you stronger as a person, and that’s life. You’ve got to find a way to take the positives and build off of it.”
Head coach Rob Chudzinski has noticed a change in the quarterback since returing to his starting position.
“I think he’s grown from that experience. You look at being the starter, getting injured and having to sit and watch” he said, “and then, get thrown out into the game -- early in the game -- where he didn’t get a lot of practice time, getting booed, back and forth, and him, ultimately, making some big plays that helped us win that game.”
Chudzinski that he has definitely improved is calling better plays and all in all has matured.
“I think that’s growth, and I think that he has a sense of confidence of what he’s been able to do,” he said. “We’ll get him back out there for another week of practice, and I think that will help him get better and get ready to play even more so.”
Weeden didn’t come back to a team that was still rusty and needed practices and matches to get it together. When he came back, they had three weeks more practice and matches than he had and were in good form. Not only that, he learned from his past mistakes and is getting rid of the ball much faster than he used to, which will slash the number of times he gets sacked.
“We’re getting that continuity. We’re growing. We’re getting a feel for each other within the system,” he said. “I think this is a great system, and (offensive coordinator) Norv (Turner) said it back in training camp, ‘We’re going to be better in November than we are in September,’ and that’s because of the confidence we have in each other.”
“You get better as the season goes on. Guys are playing better, and you expect that as the season goes on.”
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