Browns didnít have a chance with Chudzinski

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWhen the Cleveland Browns upgraded their home stadium and talked about installing new scoreboards at the First Energy Stadium, they should have kept an important thing in mind that scoreboards aren’t meant to be left empty and the team has to show some game to put up the numbers up there.
Taking a look at the Browns shows a completely failed team that gives a pathetic display of being an NFL franchise. It has failed to deliver in almost every regard and showing their performance in replays on the scoreboard would be adding insult to injury.
Team owner James Haslam and CEO Joe Banner were present at a press conference on Monday and it was totally clear that they were in hot waters when the question kept coming at them and both the men were unable to give good explanations for them, especially about the firing of coach Rob Chudzinski after one season only. It was surreal to see Haslam and Banner under criticism and unable to give good replies. Both almost always know what they are doing and have plans done well ahead of time to deal with situations. However, they seemed helpless in front of the questions.
The Browns didn’t have a chance from the start and it became evident in many incidents. They had no luck to boast in the Draft and did not get any underdogs or quality talent. Barkevious Mingo failed to live up to his expectations and his game clearly showed he would be no good. The free agent market highly rated linebacker Paul Kruger and the Browns thought signing him would be a good idea. They were wrong again as he was quick to show he was one overrated player as well.
The Browns lost their running back Trent Richardson when Chudzinski made a deal with the Indianapolis Colts in Week 2 of the season. It would seem that Chudzinksi saw what was coming about Richardson and wanted to get rid of him as he has shown he is all but bust in Indianapolis. Still, it reduced the Browns to Willis McGahee, Chris Ogbonnaya and Fozzy Whittaker. They were the players for the majority of season who handled the running back scenarios.
The Browns also sustained a huge number of injuries of their starters which can be classified as bad luck. Many of them were withheld from the field and placed on Injured Reserve, ending their season. This all made it clear from the start that the Browns were not going to go well this season.
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