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Bryant reckons USA will stun the world at the London Olympics

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Blog Photo - Bryant reckons USA will stun the world at the London Olympics

It will be a treat to watch USA’s Olympic basketball team to perform in London this year. Fans will consider this as a privilege as this is USA’s strongest Olympic roster ever or at least that’s what Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant says.
The American national team will arrive at the Olympics as the hot favorites after they announced a strong preliminary squad for the mega-event. The list featured Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard.
Some may that USA has managed to bring together another “dream team” to the court but the wiser know that this will be only decided when USA hit the court.
USA won the gold medal in Olympics four years ago at Beijing, which put USA’s basketball team on top of the world. So can the American’s defend the rights to boast about being superior in basketball?
According to Bryant they can. Bryant reckons USA is going to make an even more powerful statement at the 2012 London Olympics.
“In terms of talent, for sure this is the strongest team we’ve ever had for the Olympics,” Bryant said.
“This is a big Olympics for us. We have an opportunity to kind of cement ourselves again as a powerhouse of the game.
“We won at the last Olympics, we won the World Championships [in 2010] and now we want to win in London. Then I think that will put us back where we belong.”
In Beijing, Bryant embraced the role of ‘closer’ by providing USA with buzzer beaters to finish the game with thrill and style. Bryant’s late shots played an important role in the gold medal game against Spain four years ago.
The 33-year-old veteran is eager to shoulder that responsibility once again. Bryant reckons that he will be ready to perform for USA with all of his determination. Bryant said that USA’s conquest for gold will be helped by his younger teammates but can spearhead the attack.
“With that team, I don’t have to do much,” Bryant admitted. “I’m just the closer. They can just bring me in for the last two minutes or something like that, if they need me.
“Hitting the big shots is what I do. LeBron, D-Wade, Durant and all those guys can do the heavy lifting.”
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This team will have to work a little harder without Rose, Howard and Wade!  But Gold will still go to the US!!!