Buckeye who gave Michigan fans the finger will not be suspended

Buckeye who flipped off 115,000 Michigan fans will not face suspension

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Blog Photo - Buckeye who gave Michigan fans the finger will not be suspendedIt was perhaps the most symbolically perfect moment in the 116-year history of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry. When Buckeyes offensive lineman Marcus Hall gave a two-finger salute to a sold-out Michigan Stadium after being ejected for his role in an onfield brawl, he also gave a whole new meaning to the term "double birdie". Ohio State fans feared Hall would face a suspension for his celebrated double-bird, potentially causing him to miss the Big Ten Championship Game, Rose Bowl,or BCS National Championship Game.

But Marcus Hall will not be suspended for flipping off the entire Michigan Stadium collectively. He will not miss any games, and will face no further discipline. While Hall did miss nearly three quarters of the Ohio State-Michigan game with his ejection Saturday, he will not face a Big Ten suspension and received only a public reprimand. Let us be clear -- a "public reprimand" does not amount to squat in terms of player discipline.

Marcus Hall has received a public NCAA reprimand Monday afternoon for giving the finger on national television, but he will not face suspension. The Big Ten also publicly reprimanded the Buckeyes coaching staff for not controlling Hall during the helmet-throwing and bench-kicking portions of his post-ejection tantrum.

If you would like to see the fight, tantrum and double finger --- and you should watch this if you haven't seen it yet, because it is so massively delightful -- video can be seen below.

Blog Photo - Buckeye who gave Michigan fans the finger will not be suspendedThat being official ESPN YouTube footage, the "middle finger part" is edited out. To fill in the gaps, please refer to the animated GIF at left.

For his part, Marcus Hall says he's sorry. "I would like to apologize to The Ohio State University, The University of Michigan, my teammates, my family, the fans and the TV viewing audience for my behavior during yesterday's game," Hall said Sunday via Twitter. "Wearing the scarlet and grey uniform is a privlege [sic] and an honor. I let my emotions get the best of me and didn't conduct myself properly in the heat of the moment. My actions do not reflect who I am as a person and teammate. I love The Ohio State University and appreciate everything it has done for me. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry and hope everyone can accept my sincere apology."

Oh, everyone in Ohio can accept your sincere apology, Marcus Hall. In fact, you might end up getting some Columbus-area endorsement deals before it's all said and done.
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