Bud Selig dares A's to leave Oakland

Bud Selig wants the A's to leave Oakland, but can't bring himself to say so

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Blog Photo - Bud Selig dares A's to leave OaklandMajor League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig has a new, improved, even more passive-aggressive strategy in dealing with the Oakland A's desire to relocate their franchise to San Jose. Selig strongly reiterated that he will continue to dither indecisively on the issue, and then dared the A's to just move somewhere other than San Jose.

A's owner Lew Wolff has been trying to move the A's to San Jose for the last four years, but the San Francisco Giants claim this area as part of their territorial rights. Selig appointed a three-person commission to resolve the issue in 2009, and this commission has promptly sat on their hands and done nothing for a period of four entire years.

Selig turned up the wishy-washiness even more on Thursday, telling the Associated Press that there is "no timetable" on this decision. The commissioner then dared the A's to move somewhere other than San Jose. When asked if the A's could re-locate outside Northern California, Selig said, "'You'd have to ask Lew Wolff. That's really his decision to make."

This is ironic, because the analysis-paralysis of Selig's own appointed commission has prevented Wolff from being able to make a decision. "They're getting close to completing their work," Selig said of the commission. He said this more than two years ago.

Blog Photo - Bud Selig dares A's to leave OaklandIn Oakland, the A's have ranked last or next-to-last in MLB attendance each of the last four years. The hope to move to a new stadium in San Jose, the shiny new financial epicenter of Silicon Valley. The San Francisco Giants, however, do not wish to give up their San Jose fan base -- San Jose is located less than 45 miles from San Francisco.

The Giants wouldn't mind at all if the A's moved -- but they don't want the A's to move to San Jose.

Selig then endorsed the idea of the A's moving out of Oakland. "It depends where they'd be, " Selig said. "They could be all over the world, for that matter," he continued, reiterating his extremely unpopular desire to see MLB games staged in international cities.

Some see this as the bitter end to the A's quest to move to San Jose. KCBS' Doug Sovern tweeted today, "A's-to-San Jose booster Larry Stone tells KCBS he interprets Selig's comments to mean the A's move to SJ is dead & no longer an option," and also, "Stone believes this means the A's will now explore leaving the Bay Area, and aren't likely to embrace any of the proposed Oakland sites."
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