Buffalo Bills QB Thad Lewis shows he can take one and get up

10/30/13 in NFL   |   IvanRogers   |   1352 respect

FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Buffalo Bills will never have to debate who was their toughest quarterback ever. Jim Kelly, also a Hall of Famer did not get the attention because he lost four Super Bowls. He was a legend because he could get up from the ground despite the worst tackles.
His endurance was inhuman and his ability to absorb gruesome tackles was unreal. But the most amazing part was that no matter the fall, he would almost always get back on his feet. Injuries couldn’t keep him off the field, be it a concussion, a shoulder injury, cracked ribs or tendons. Kelly would plough on.
There were many a times when it all dropped down on Kelly. Rare were the moments when he did not have the strength to get up for another round. Kelly wasn’t complicated about his method to assess if he could hit the field. If he could count straight and stand up straight, no force on earth was going to stand his way coming back to the field.
With modern research and in depth analysis of concussions and their link to brain damage, we might say that Kelly might have been a bit unwise in his decisions as many ex NFL players have to cope with damages to brain caused by concussions later in their life.
But nobody will ever question if Kelly wasn’t tough enough. Kelly’s signature quality was his toughness and remained so when he was taken off the field for the last time in a cart in 1996 when the Bills faced Jaguars.
Now their current starting quarterback Thad Lewis might not get to have the same résumé of four Super Bowls or being a Hall of Famer but he does have one thing in common, and that is his toughness. In just three games he has proven he might be an amateur and needs refinement but he can take a hit and get up like it didn’t happen.
Even though his performance wasn’t worthy of mentioning when the Buffalos lost to the Saints 35-17 on Sunday, it was noteable that he didn’t miss a play and took one hell of a beating.
"That's the nature of the beast. You're going to get nicked up in this game. It's football. It's a physical sport,” Lewis said. “It's going to take more than a little bruise and a bump to keep you out of the game."
He has definitely shown he can absorb some serious damage and still be running around. Now, he just needs to refine his game and throws to carve a respectable niche for himself in the NFL. 
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