Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone has cancer

Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone had a cancerous mole removed

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The Buffalo Bills put quite a scare in everyone when they posted a headline saying that their head coach Doug Marrone had cancer.

Via Deadspin:
Blog Photo - Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone has cancer

Fortunately, while the headline was true, the situation isn't as dire as people initially expected.

Marrone released a statement through the Bills about the situation:
"During a recent doctor's visit, it was discovered that I had a cancerous mole on my skin, which has since been removed. The only follow up required is to have my moles checked every three months and that basically is the end of the story. The recent extraction procedure will have no effect on my ability to coach the team moving forward."

Cancer is always scary, but it looks like Marrone will be fine. Still, the Bills probably should have been a little more judicious in how they released the news.
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