Bulls Staying Put

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Despite all the recommendations that the Chicago Bulls should make a hasty move, the Bulls management is going to stay put. Much like the San Antonio Spurs, the Chicago Bulls believe in corporate knowledge. And corporate knowledge is the type of thing that can only be built with the same group of players over an extended period of time.
General manager Gar Forman said, "From an organizational standpoint, our front office, not just this year but every year, we always evaluate our team, where we're at, how we can get better. We're not going to make rash decisions. We feel we have a bright future ahead and we're positioned well. We have good players in their 20s, Derrick is going to come back, we're positioned well with draft picks into the future and we have some level of flexibility which we haven't had under this new CBA."
The Bulls still believe that Rose is young enough to come back from this injury as the same type of player.
"With this type of injury, he should come back 100 percent,” Forman said. “With the previous [ACL] injury, that leg is strong and we saw the explosiveness and reactivity and speed, and then it was just [a matter of] getting into rhythm. Though this is a severe injury, it's not as severe as the other. He'll get over it and be able to get his career back to the highest level."
Doctors say that Rose’s meniscus tear had nothing to do from overcompensation with the right knee he had his ACL surgery on.  "This was a freak injury,” Forman said.
Hasty moves are never the right moves, they’re rash moves. So, if the young Bulls stay patient, hold onto Luol Deng, and if they are willing to tank this season, they will be contenders next year just like they were predicted to be this year prior to Rose going down.
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