Byron Scott Fired in Cleveland; Clippers Interest?

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The Cleveland Cavaliers - a team that has won only 64 games since the departure of LeBron James has decided to part ways with the coach they brought on board the summer LeBron bolted to Miami. A team that drafted future superstar, Kyrie Irving with the top overall pick, a team that has almost always been 25% injured during the season, has chosen to part ways with an experienced, hard nosed coach who has a proven track record. 

So goes life in Cleveland. But hey, the Clippers are headed to the postseason for the second straight season. They are going there despite their shortcomings within the coaching staff. I am not here to bash Vinny Del Negro, because he has done a fantastic job over the last two seasons. This offseason, the Clippers entire supporting cast was overhauled. The year prior, Chris Paul, Chauncey Billups and Caron Butler were all newcomers. 

Blog Photo - Byron Scott Fired in Cleveland; Clippers Interest?It's tough to work quickly when you hardly have time to practice with the entire team. But that's neither here nor there.  Vinny is in the beginning stages of his coaching career and he will turn out to be a fine coach in the league - but a team attempting to build something big, somewhat of an overhaul of downtown Los Angeles - Vinny isn't your guy. 

Lets start with Chris Paul. He is a bonafide superstar point guard, the top in the league - and he requires a coach that he himself trusts. Byron Scott coached Paul in New Orleans and they built a shared confidence in one another and Paul essentially became an extension of his coach on the floor, along with his unparalleled skill-set, his abilities far superseded those around him. 

In order to win, you need a coach that the team trusts and looks up to. Byron Scott is a guy who played with Magic Johnson and James Worthy - guys who were at the top of their craft. Chris Paul has a very well-established relationship with him. Now he's available. Blake Griffin will go where his point guard tells him - and that will be with Scott. DeAndre Jordan can also benefit tremendously as Tyson Chandler grew under Scott and CP3 as well. 

Scott's availability comes a a tricky time as well - the Clippers are about to embark on a playoff journey, attempting to reach the West Finals to have an opportunity to match up with, almost certainly the Heat in the NBA Finals.  If Vinny can lead them there, then this article's point is moot. But....
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