CBB: Tyler Hansbrough Dunks On 7'7 Kenny George

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Your almost daily roundup of college hoops ...

7'7 not tall enough We told you all about UNC-Asheville behemoth Kenny George yesterday and last night you got a chance to see him in action. Well, more like standing. That's basically all he does in between exhaustive trips down the court. It was an entertaining game to watch, and for a while George was holding his own. He finished with 14 points and 11 rebounds in a respectable 93-81 loss to the Tar Heels. As you can see from above, Tyler Hansbrough wasn't impressed and threw down on the big man.

Rebels volunteer a loss With :33 to go, game tied, Ole Miss forward Kenny Williams missed the front end of a 1-and-1 handing the ball and the game over to Tennessee. I was more impressed with Mississippi than I expected to be, but I think you can chalk them up as the team who will be seeded too high due to the weak SEC and a lock for a first round upset.

Dayton, class of the A-10 Rhode Island was mistakenly ranked higher than the Flyers in the current Top 25 (lazy voters just looking at records), but it's Brian Gregory's team that's the class of the A-10 conference. Brian Roberts is worth the purchase of ESPN Full Court, by himself. Very, very good player who takes all the right shots, doesn't force anything and is capable of carrying the team on his back in March. What's better for the Flyers is that they also have sufficient depth and play solid defense.

Arizona State 64, Arizona 59 (OT) Our first legit rushing of the court in '08. It's officially basketball season. Oh, and James Harden, you're good.
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1/10/08   |   kantwistaye   |   4214 respect

Tyler Hansbrough - The pride of white, unathletic looking men everywhere.

1/10/08   |   Brinson

I think Kenny George is 7'7", not 7'9". Sun Ming Ming, currently training in Greensboro (we grow 'em tall in this here state boy! Yeehaw.) is 7'9" though.

And personally, I think this dunk is overrated. The guy can hardly move and as someone on SC said last night, you can fit a Vanilla Wafer in his vertical leap.

1/10/08   |   jackkent

This clip is getting more air time than warranted. Yes, it was a nice dunk but it was from the top of the key. It would have been more impressive if it started from a post-up. Also, did you notice Hansbrough wasn't even guarding him when he went back down  the court? I think the duke chant would be...."Over-RATED!"