HS Cheerleading


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Molly says,

OK I have gotten many questions about cheer leading, like, 
  • How do you do a double back flip while on a one man stand?
  • Do you know how to do an aerial and if so how do you do one?
  • And the last  one i will write about, Are YOU actually a championship cheerer? 

OK people yes I am a championship cheerer but not just myself my ex-team i am no longer on their team and because of that they didn't win nationals because they didn't have my amazing routines. And of course i know how to do an aerial and a back flip. Now i can not post any videos on this site cause my boyfriend said he didn't have his camera so, i can not teach you how to do an aerial or a back flip. SORRY! I would help if I could.

~Molly the cheer leading guru.
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