CRAP...Now I've Got To Say I'm Sorry To Kramer

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I Wrote This A Few Minutes After Game 7 Was Over....Raw Emotions

Game Over, Season Over
Game 7 Is Over. It’s 10:45 Pm On A Friday Night…I guess it’s safe to say it’s not just another Friday night it’s the Friday night where a championship is crowned. It was the Detroit Red Wings vs. The Pittsburg Penguins. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me how much I LOVE THE DETROIT RED WINGS and for me to sit here and say that this loss of all of the losses that we’ve lost this season is a good one would make me a liar…and I am not one to lie about how I Feel…I’ll be the first one to say to ALL Penguins fans Congratulations…Especially You Kramer…Congrats For You And Your Team…I Know That I’ve Talked My Fair Share of Sh!t About The Penguins…Your team played great and out played the Red Wings. This Loss Of All losses hurts the most we played our hearts out not just tonight but this entire season and to fall short is what hurts the most. And I am sure that I am not the only one who has invested their time and energy in their team and who believed in them so much. To watch another team on our home ice hold the cup and celebrate is painful to watch. I now know how the Penguins felt last season when we skated around Mellon Arena last year. I feel like I got kicked in the stomach. I will get over it as I hope that all other Red Wings Fans do, I know it sucks but just think of it this way…THE COUNTDOWN TO A NEW SEASON IS ON!!
Ps. I Thought It Was Kind Of Funny To Hear The Fans Boo Gary Bettman.
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das3cr wrote:
Can't win em all.  Otherwise it wouldn't be any fun.  It was hard seeing them lose though.

Finally Someone Who Understands What I'm Saying....

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Can't win em all.  Otherwise it wouldn't be any fun.  It was hard seeing them lose though.