Calgary Flames can end Toronto Maple Leafs playoff run

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Calgary Flames now have the opportunity to end the Toronto Maple Leafs run for the playoffs this season. The Maple Leafs are in deep waters now and in serious trouble but things were not always like this for them. By March 13 the Leafs were in solid control of their situation and were solid contenders for the playoff spot.
After that things started spiralling out of control for them as they lost one game after the other until they had lost 8 consecutive ones in a row. They are now 2 points short of making it to the final playoff wild card spot available in the Eastern Conference. To get those 2 points they will have to beat the Washington Capitals and Columbus Blue Jackets under all circumstances.

Calgary Flames center Matt Stajan does not cower in the face of that challenge and considering the situation that they are in, the Flames have their fighting spirit and said that he was up for the challenge to fight toe to toe for the playoff spot and was optimistic that his team had the ability to fight for the playoff spot and emerge victorious.

"They’re fighting for their playoff lives and we’ll be ready for it," Stajan said. "We shouldn’t be worried about it—we’ve got to bounce back from our last game.”

Stajan added that they wanted to be the underdogs here, taking the match despite the odds stacked against them. Stajan seemed confident that his team would overcome the desperation with which the Leafs would fight and would still defeat them. The Leafs are in a situation in which they have 6 games remaining and to make their chances true for the postseason they will have to win all of them and cannot afford losses.

"We want to be difference makers and play the spoiler role, that’s our mindset and we’re trying to play the right way and hopefully this will roll into next year, playing the right way. We’ll be ready and I’m sure they will be too,” Stajan said.
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